Upgrade the look of your project or secure the authenticity of your access control products by incorporating foil into your project design.

Security and Decorative Foils
WW&L offers 3 Levels of Security with our Hot Foil Stamping Options

#1 – WW&L Integrity Foil

  •  Exclusive 2D/3D Design Manufactured Only for WW&L
  •  Maximum Security
  • Counterfeit Resistant

#2 – Holographic Foil Options

  • The Industry Standard in Security
  • Fourteen Distinct Design Options
  • Difficult to Duplicate

#3 – Standard Foil Options

  • Economical Security Feature
  • Twelve Shade Selections

Use WW&L Security and Decorative Foils for:
·        Tickets
·        Point of Sale Thermal Stock
·        Parking Decals
·        Parking Hangtags
·        ID Validation Stickers
·        Credentials
·        Season Books and Forms
·        Vouchers & Gift Certificates
·        Season & Membership Cards