Direct Souvenir Tickets

Bring Back The Loving Feeling of your Event with Direct Souvenir Tickets

Direct Souvenir Tickets were developed by WW&L to help our clients recover and earn new revenue, with zero upfront costs

Red Rocks Ampitheatre Boulder CO Souvenir Ticket

Generate New & Recover Lost Revenue
Gain Brand Experience Exposure

Create new revenue stream opportunities for your experience with a Direct Souvenir ticket program. WW&L's effortless commemorative ticket platform allows fans to select their own souvenir ticket upon checkout for a seamless brand to fan added interaction. 
Bring back the feeling of a physical ticket: An event souvenir ticket is a great option to provide a personalized keep-sake for events that utilize online, mobile or print-at-home tickets.

Keep the cash flowing: Direct Souvenir tickets also help extend the value of your event by creating a post-event revenue source.

Evergreen interactions: Keep in touch with your fans well after an event by offering a sentimental souvenir from the one of a kind experience offered by your brand.

Fill the void left by digital ticketing programs

  • Link directly into your order screen (we integrate with your service provider)
  • Custom web portal built just for your brand (URL provided by WW&L)

What our Direct Souvenir Ticket platform looks like:

We can integrate with your existing ticketing solution, or we will create a unique URL just for you. Relax while WW&L handles the logistics and fulfillment of your souvenir tickets. No fuss fan ordering. Don’t worry, we ship them out, and hand you the data for your CRM. Create your own custom graphics to capture the spirit of your brand or event, or utilize our graphics team to create the ticket perfect image.

What it is:

Direct Souvenir is physical souvenir ticket solution. We offer printed souvenirs for your fans, collectors, and other brand supporters. Customize the experience by experimenting with different print materials, graphics, sponsor spaces, and more!

What does it do for you?

Earn extra revenue with this sentimental upsell and extend the fan experience post event. Our souvenir ticket solution gives you the chance to offer your die-hards and collectors the missing piece left by digital ticketing with an ultra fast turnaround. The best part? There are zero associated upfront costs.

Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby Souvenir Ticket
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UGA Testimonial:

“For the University of Georgia Athletic Association, as well as the entire ticketing industry, the past several challenging months have prompted a fundamental shift to the way we have customarily managed season ticket production and fulfillment. In particular, the need to go “Mobile Only” has required a new level of flexibility for both fans and ticketing professionals. In one way, it’s been extremely difficult, but in another, it’s been rewarding as it has prompted new creative and innovative solutions.
One excellent example of this has been our partnership with WW&L which has enabled our fans to continue to have access to first-quality souvenir tickets through Direct Souvenir.
Our customer service team has consistently fielded the question, “How do I get a souvenir ticket?” and it’s been gratifying to have Direct Souvenir as the answer. Direct Souvenir offers a valuable option for fans and collectors to commemorate the excitement, pageantry, and tradition of game day at Sanford Stadium. Set up is easy with no up-front costs or financial risk and the WW&L team assists from A to Z with data integration and your custom team branded website.
Direct Souvenir brings a level of fan engagement that would otherwise be unavailable, which goes a long way toward retaining season ticket holders while offering revenue generation opportunities.”

Tim Cearley University of Georgia Athletic Association Ticket Office

Game Code = WWL-Souvenir

UGA souvenir ticket football

Sample Direct Souvenir Ticket Use Cases:

  • Fundraising: Fans can now support your venue by purchasing a souvenir ticket.
  • Celebrate Milestones: From no-hitters to corporate anniversaries, souvenir tickets are the perfect memorandum.
  • Collectors: Fill the void left by mobile ticketing platforms with the opt-in solution of souvenir tickets.
  • Premium gifts: Offer your biggest supporters customized tickets for their season packages.
  • Sponsorship Activation: Let your sponsors get creative with engagement marketing initiatives on your souvenir print offerings.
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Fans of Direct Souvenir Tickets

Fans of Direct Souvenir Ticketing