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Create Lifelong Memories with Direct Souvenir® Tickets

Give patrons a memento they can cherish for a lifetime. Our Direct Souvenir tickets create a unique customer experience, generate brand exposure, and provide additional post-event revenue opportunities.

A Direct Souvenir ticket from Weldon, Williams & Lick creates lifelong memories for valued guests and visitors. With more patrons entering events via a mobile device, physical tickets are becoming less used for access. While convenient, digital tickets lack a crucial piece of the overall customer experience—a tangible memento. Our souvenir tickets fill this void.

Our souvenir ticket program is an end-to-end solution. Whether you want to offer printed commemorative tickets, digital commemorative NFT‘s, or both – partner with us, and your brand will enjoy:

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • A custom web portal
  • A fully integrated ordering process
  • Timely fulfillment and shipment
  • Improved fan loyalty
  • Enhanced brand engagement

WW&L will help you set up a link or web portal to promote and sell these one-of-a-kind mementos. Patrons can buy souvenir tickets before, during, or after the big event, giving you a revenue stream without any startup fees.

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What Is a Direct Souvenir Ticket?

A Direct Souvenir ticket is a commemorative printed ticket that patrons and visitors can admire forever. This sentimental keepsake is a physical complement to digital tickets. It is popular with fans and other brand supporters who have enjoyed collecting tickets from events over the years.

As more venues and event organizers shift to paperless tickets, Direct Souvenir is a way for fans to connect with experiences. Your patrons proudly display these feel-good products in their homes and offices. Our collectible tickets feature custom artwork, photos, and other graphics. They serve as a remembrance for events or locations, including concerts, professional sporting events, college athletics, and popular venues.

Companies also benefit from the Direct Souvenir program. Brands use our physical tickets to:

  • Raise money for a particular venue, mission, or cause
  • Celebrate once-in-a-lifetime milestones
  • Reward loyal patrons
  • Engage with brand sponsors
  • Improve brand recognition
  •  Create revenue streams
end to end solution

Experience a Complete End-to-End Souvenir Solution

WW&L provides all Direct Souvenir patrons a complete end-to-end solution to streamline their experience. Here’s how it works:


Patrons and fans visit an assigned link, web portal, or mobile site to place an order.


The e-commerce platform submits all orders to WW&L.


We print and fulfill the order.


Completed orders ship via first-class mail directly to the patron.

After the client chooses a ticket design and provides the necessary artwork, your Direct Souvenir program can be live within 2 weeks. We provide all the behind-the-scenes setup, and you only pay a fee when a patron places an order.

Our Direct Souvenir program is an efficient website ordering platform that provides a unique opportunity for organizations in the ticketing industry to connect with their attendees. Our end-to-end solution makes this program efficient for you and easy for your clients. Increase your merchandising revenue without additional inventory management or overhead and take your customer experience to the next level with Direct Souvenir by WW&L.

Direct Souvenir Ticket Features

Patrons want high-quality souvenir tickets with unique designs that make a powerful and memorable statement. WW&L offers ticket customizations to best reflect the event, venue, or sponsors. These are some of our most requested enhancements

  • Chrometix
  • Paper stock options
  • Acrylic embediments
  • Custom design elements
  • Insert letters
  • Custom packaging
  • And many more!

Unsure of what enhancements to get? WW&L has a creative design team ready to assist during the ticket design process. Tailoring our knowledge and experience with your insight ensures your final product is eye-catching, functional, and secure.

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Increased Revenue Streams with No Upfront Costs

WW&L makes it easy for anyone to join our Direct Souvenir ticket program. We handle all of the setup, including the web portal and mobile site. Zero upfront costs mean you don’t have to worry about going over budget. Whenever a ticket sells, we take care of the logistics and fulfillment while you enjoy additional revenue.

Patrons can purchase a souvenir ticket before, during, or even after an event. Some sports teams, for instance, continue to market after games to promote their brand awareness.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

Discover the WW&L Difference

Thinking outside the box and offering innovative solutions is what Weldon, Williams & Lick does best. For the past 120 years, we’ve built a solid reputation for providing premier ticketing solutions. Souvenir tickets evolved based on feedback from our valued patrons seeking a physical keepsake in an otherwise digital environment. Catering to our clients has and will always be our top priority. WW&L products and services connect organizations to their fans & patrons, and people to experiences.

Want to offer your visitors a tangible memento they can cherish for years to come? Connect with WW&L online or call us today to discuss our Direct Souvenir ticket options.

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