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Visually Identify Attendees at a Single Glance with Wristbands

Wristbands make identifying valid guests easy and are a great way to track capacity. WW&L has a variety of custom wristband printing options to provide the best wearable access control solution.

Printed wristbands allow patrons efficient access through the entry gate with visual approval by a staff member or scanned verification with a handheld barcode scanner. What if attendees need access to a restricted area or want to buy alcoholic beverages? Save time in beer tents and simplify the process with age verified wristbands before entry at a festival or sporting event. Wristbands from Weldon, Williams and Lick are an economical access control solution for all events and venues.

Top 8 Benefits of Wristbands

  • Instant visual identification
  • Access control into paid or special access areas
  • Age verification for alcohol purchases
  • Water-resistant and durable for outdoor use
  • Tamper-evident design
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly
  • Great for single-day and multi-day events
  • Crowd control and tracking capacity
printed wristbands

A custom wristband designed for high-profile patrons can allow special access to limited areas like a VIP booth, front row, or backstage. WW&L customizes wristbands to fit the needs of every client with a name, logo, and brand colors. Looking to personalize each band with variable data or reserved seating? We’ll bring your design ideas to life! Our printing experts enjoy finding new ways to elevate your marketing and enhance the overall patron experience.

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What Is an Event Wristband?

Event organizers work hard to keep lines moving quickly. Proof of admission is essential for the safety and security of an event. Wristbands are a wearable ticketing and access control solution that allows officials to visually identify and validate patrons in just a few seconds.

Places to Find Access Control Wristbands

Sporting Events & Venues

Nightclubs & Bars

Amusement Parks

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Fair & Carnivals



And More!

Wristbands are one of the most versatile admission products we offer. They’re a multi-use solution, and many clients use them alongside or in place of credentials or tickets. Need colored bands that are ready for immediate shipment? We offer fast bands on our e-commerce site with 24/7 ordering.

First-Class Service and a Family-Like Feel

When you choose us for your wristband needs, expect personable service. Our dedicated team will direct you to the right products based on your specific needs. Want to order several items at once? Not a problem! We have countless access control and ticketing solutions available.

WW&L works closely with clients to ensure high-quality deliverables and expert service. Our clients have relied on our industry expertise, innovative products, and personalized approach for years!

Security Features and Enhancements

Wristbands are a colorful and inviting identification system. With a one-size fits most band, fans appreciate wearing their ticket on their wrist because it can’t be lost. Many appreciate the convenience for fast entry and re-entry. Custom security features added to wristbands, like foil or RFID, reduce the possibility of fraud. Our security features ensure our wristbands serve your organization’s needs.

Wristband Customization Options:

  • Sequential numbering
  • Custom color foils
  • Non-transferable lock on cloth wristbands
  • Tamper-resistant adhesive closure on Tyvek bands
  • Ability to print logos, colors, and graphics
  • Optional barcodes or QR codes
  • RFID chips available
  • Printed reservations offered on Tyvek and plastic bands
  • Full-color printing process
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Different Band Materials for Every Event

We understand our clients all have different access control requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of wristband materials. From transferable to non-transferable, single-use to multi-day, we have a solution for everyone.

Tyvek is durable and water-resistant. It’s also non-transferable when worn properly around the wrist. The material won’t tear under normal use and an aggressive adhesive destroys the band if someone tries to remove it. It’s ideal for one-day, single-event applications and is typically a colored band with black print and optional sequential numbering.

Poly-thermal is non-transferable. The material works with a thermal printer for branding and customization. As a single-use product, we recommend this synthetic material for one-day events or events that require on-demand printing on thermal wristband rolls. This typically includes a colored logo printed on various colored bands.

Cloth is a longer-lasting option for multi-day events. These non-transferable wristbands feature a barrel that slides down and locks in place. Full color printing and customization is popular choice for cloth bands.

Plastic wristbands, or HardyBands®, are water-resistant and typically used for multiple days. You’ll find them at waterparks and multi-day festivals because of the numbered redemption tab. These are most commonly used with plastic snaps.

We also sell silicone and elastic wristbands. With so many materials available, there truly is a wristband for every event. You can count on our team to guide you towards the best solution.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

Your Wearable Access Control Experts

Effective access control is crucial to an event’s success—even better if the solution is also wearable. Custom wristbands streamline attendee identification, keeping unauthorized guests out of VIP areas.

With over 120 years of industry experience, WW&L offers the most innovative access control solutions available. How can we help with your custom wristband printing needs? Connect with us online to learn which wristband printing options will best serve your organization.

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