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Give Access Control a High-Tech Makeover with RFID Badges and Credentials

High-profile patrons deserve high-tech amenities. NCF and UHF badges are an infallible way to streamline access control while elevating the VIP experience.

Technology is everywhere—improving daily life and innovating how people explore the world. Why not upgrade your technology to include RFID-enabled credentials to control access for your organization? NFC and UHF badges from Weldon, Williams & Lick streamline ID badge validation at entry points and exclusive areas.

Top Benefits of RFID Badges:

  • Better attendee tracking in real-time
  • Deters theft and manages inventory
  • Eliminates long lines and wait times at access points
  • High-quality product guaranteed to last the season
  • Displays VIP status and enhances the patron experience

Apply white-glove treatment to your season ticket holders and VIPs using RFID for seamless access control. Our RFID chip-enabled credentials ensure only authorized attendees have access to restricted areas.

UHF Badges
UHF Badges
UHF Badges
UHF Technology
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What Are RFID Credentials?

An RFID credential is more than just an event ticket, it’s a form of identification at events. It contains variable information about the patron, including seat location, level of authorization, account numbers, and more. Many high-profile patrons proudly display their badges on lanyards and with added RFID technology, they ensure easy access to designated areas.

Need more reasons to use RFID? Paper tickets get lost, poor connections make mobile passes unreliable, and counterfeiting is always a concern. Consider using technology to your benefit. What better way to serve the needs of season ticket holders? RFID badges are the ultimate access control solution.

Common Uses for RFID Badges:

Season ticket/premium seat holders

Sports games and tournaments

Suite, club, and VIP access

Backstage access

Media and press passes

Staff access and validation

Corporate events

All RFID-enabled badges contain a tiny chip and microscopic antenna. Whenever a device nears a reader, it sends out a unique frequency. In only a few seconds, the device reads the badge and either approves or denies access. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to happy fans!

In-House RFID Experts at Your Service

Developing products with RFID technology requires years of experience and specialized knowledge. WW&L can help you design attractive badges for patrons to wear with pride the entire season. Our team can guide you on efficient chip placement to make your RFID cards work best for your application.

WW&L offers two types of passive technology RFID chips. They are:

  • NFC Badges: Near-field communication (NFC) operates on a 13.56MHz frequency and requires a close connection. Often called tap-and-go technology, patrons with an NFC credential can gain access as long as they are within a few inches of the reader.
  • UHF Badges: Short for ultra-high frequency, UHF has a read range up to 20ft and operates on a frequency of 915MHz. This makes fully remote access possible. Readers scan credentials in real-time whenever the patron is nearby.

5 Reasons to Use RFID Credentials

  • Fans wear your brand at all times and increase visibility.
  • It promotes social distancing with close contact (NFC) or truly contactless (UHF) access.
  • Badges improve VIP zone integrity with verified encoded access control.
  • An exceptionally high read rate eliminates long lines and backups.
  • It comes with the capability to load credit or store credit card information on the badge, generating extra revenue at concession stands and souvenir shops.

Security Features and Enhancements

Who says badges have to be boring? You need a product your patrons will wear with pride and put on display after the season ends. That’s why we will work with you to design attractive credentials that showcase your brand’s image. Our designs can also include added security features to prevent replication.

RFID technology

Choose from the following enhancements:

  • 5mil or 10mil lamination for durability
  • Full-color digital printing
  • Die-cut for lanyard
  • Custom spot
  • Variable barcodes
  • Microprint copy
  • Authen-A-Tic
  • Thermochromic Ink
  • Foil
  • Chrometix (NFC only)
  • And more!

Our team will explain each feature to help you design the optimal credential. We also offer custom data encoding as an added security layer. Do you have an access control concern? We have solutions for every scenario imaginable!

Consult, Design, Print, and Ship from a Single Location

WW&L employs the most talented team in the access control industry. This allows us to monitor every badge leaving our facility.

Quality control is crucial and our promise to you. We design UFC and NFC credentials to last an entire year, so badges look as good at the end of the season as they did when you first received them. Thorough chip and antenna testing ensure faulty products never slip through the cracks. Every RFID product is live when it ships—we guarantee it!

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

Want RFID Access? Trust the Pros at WW&L

Season ticket holders love to show off their branded credentials whenever they enter VIP areas. Why not elevate their experience and let them skip the long lines? WW&L offers a full range of RFID technology and consumables. With over 120 years of access control experience, you can count on our innovative products that will take your organization to the next level.

Want to find a better way to manage event access control? Get in touch with us today to start designing UHF badges and credentials for your valued patrons.

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