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Give Access Control a High-Tech Makeover with RFID Badges and Credentials

High-profile patrons deserve high-tech amenities. NCF and UHF badges are an infallible way to streamline access control while elevating the VIP experience.

Discover the future of access control with WW&L’s RFID-enabled credentials. Upgrade effortlessly to streamline entry points and exclusive areas. Give your season ticket holders and VIPs exclusive access with RFID-enabled credentials, ensuring security and enhancing their experience.


  • Real-time attendee tracking
  • Theft deterrence and inventory management
  • Seamless access, reducing queues
  • High-quality, durable credentials
  • Elevates the patron experience
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UHF badges
UHF badges
UHF badges
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What Are RFID Credentials?

An RFID credential is more than just an event ticket, it’s a form of identification at events. It contains variable information about the patron, including seat location, level of authorization, account numbers, and more. Many high-profile patrons proudly display their badges on lanyards and with added RFID technology, they ensure easy access to designated areas.

Need more reasons to use RFID? Paper tickets get lost, poor connections make mobile passes unreliable, and counterfeiting is always a concern. Consider using technology to your benefit. What better way to serve the needs of season ticket holders? RFID badges are the ultimate access control solution.

Common Uses for RFID Badges:

Season ticket/premium seat holders

Sports games and tournaments

Suite, club, and VIP access

Backstage access

Media and press passes

Staff access and validation

Corporate events

All RFID-enabled badges contain a tiny chip and microscopic antenna. Whenever a device nears a reader, it sends out a unique frequency. In only a few seconds, the device reads the badge and either approves or denies access. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to happy fans!

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Want RFID Access? Trust the Pros at WW&L

Season ticket holders love to show off their branded credentials whenever they enter VIP areas. Why not elevate their experience and let them skip the long lines? WW&L offers a full range of RFID technology and consumables. With over 120 years of access control experience, you can count on our innovative products that will take your organization to the next level.

Want to find a better way to manage event access control? Get in touch with us today to start designing UHF badges and credentials for your valued patrons.

Looking for custom printed RFID access control badges?