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Improve Access Control with RFID Membership & Season Cards

Need to eliminate long lines to enter a VIP or members only area? With tap-and-go technology, NFC season cards provide quick and efficient access control.

Opening day is finally here. Season ticket holders can’t wait to get inside the venue, but the admission line is getting longer by the second. Scanning individual tickets is time consuming. How can you provide expedited entry for your dedicated fans with reserved seats before the first pitch? RFID season cards from Weldon, Williams & Lick are the superior access control solution you need.

RFID (radio-frequency identification) validates patrons in mere seconds. Readers quickly scan the card, verify the account holder, and approve access. Even better, you don’t need an internet connection or extra staffing to make it happen.

8 Benefits of RFID Cards:

  • Attendee tracking
  • Card mediated access control
  • Deter theft
  • Contact tracing capabilities
  • Eliminate long lines and backups
  • Ability to read and transmit data in real-time
  • Build patron loyalty
  • Brand immersion
RFID cards

High-profile patrons support your organization year after year. These loyal account holders deserve the very best ticketing solutions. Our RFID season cards ensure access to clubs, suites, and other limited areas without hassle all while providing additional information and other benefits. A simple tap-and-go is all it takes to bypass the crowd.

Nfc Season Cards
Rfid Cards
Nfc Season Cards
Sports Nfc Season Cards
Football Rfid Cards

What Is an RFID Membership Card?

RFID-enabled membership cards are wallet-sized season tickets. They look similar to standard passes with one key difference—an embedded smart chip. Whenever a patron nears an active card reader, it sends out a signal and either validates or denies the chip.

Top 7 Places Utilizing RFID Membership Cards:

Sporting Venues

Car Washes

ticket printing and fulfillment services


ticket printing and fulfillment services


Fitness Centers

Amusement Parks

ticket printing and fulfillment services


We offer NFC and UHF technologies for custom printed season or membership cards. Both types are passive technology which don’t require a battery, but that’s where the similarities end. Here’s how they differ:

  • NFC, also known as near field communications, requires a close connection—up to 6in—with the reader. Patrons tap their card to the device for instant access. All NFC products operate on a frequency of 13.56MHz.
  • UHF or ultra-high frequency has a distant read range up to 20ft. When worn on a lanyard, readers scan the card as soon as the patron passes an intelligence point. It’s a truly contactless access solution. UHF operates on a 915MHz frequency.

Superior Quality Control Standards

We inspect and test every order before it leaves our facility. This added step ensures our NFC membership cards will work on arrival and last the entire season without deteriorating.

Our onsite R&D department tests every encoded card to ensure it works as promised. Each RFID-enabled card is live upon delivery and ready to use. We stand by every product we make here at WW&L.

Custom Data Encoding

With RFID technology, we can encode custom data directly to the UFC or NFC cards. Credentials no longer require variable data printing on the outside, front, or back of the product as the RFID chip holds the data. Are you worried about counterfeiting? Encoding makes it more difficult to replicate season or membership cards and adds an extra security layer to validate access points inside or outside your facility.

Custom data includes:

  • Patron Name
  • Section/row/seats
  • Variable data
  • Financial information
  • Access control
  • Account number
  • And more
membership cards

WW&L has an extensive background in RFID chip technology. Our subject matter experts can pinpoint the best chip placement for the most accurate read. We’ll guide you during the design process to ensure the product looks and functions in a way that best serves your needs. As an end-to-end solution, we do everything onsite using authentic RFID parts.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

Trust Your Access Control Needs with RFID Experts

Our team at WW&L can incorporate NFC or UHF tools to streamline entry for season ticket holders. We provide a complete solution of hardware, software, RFID technology, and RFID consumables. And with over 120 years of industry experience, we know which access control products will best suit your organization.

Looking for a more secure way for patrons to enter VIP areas? Connect with us online to make the switch to RFID membership cards.

Ready to utilize tap-and-go technology?