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Make Lasting Event Memories with Souvenir Tickets

Why go digital, or mobile, when fans prefer printed event passes? A souvenir ticket verifies admission, enhances your brand, and gives patrons a physical keepsake.

Souvenir tickets are cherished keepsakes that complement digital tickets. Popular among fans and brand supporters alike, they feature custom artwork and serve as reminders of memorable events. As venues move towards digital tickets, Souvenir tickets offer fans a tangible connection to experiences, proudly displayed in homes and offices.

These collectible tickets aren’t just for fans – companies benefit too. From creating revenue streams to celebrating milestones and engaging sponsors, Souvenir tickets enhance brand recognition and support various causes.


  • Generates additional revenue
  • Improves VIP and suite access control
  • Increases brand visibility
  • Enhances the overall patron experience
  • Zero upfront cost
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Top 8 Events for Souvenir Tickets

Sports games & events



Live Theater & Broadway


Carnivals & Fairs



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Need Laminated Tickets? Trust the Industry Leader

Do you want a team that consistently delivers durable, attractive printed tickets on time and budget? With over 120 years of experience under our belt, WW&L is the leader in premium ticketing solutions for high-profile events. Our proven print processes ensure our products will exceed your expectations—guaranteed.

Want to give your valued patrons a souvenir ticket they will cherish forever? Connect with us today to discuss which single-use admission solutions work best for you.


We were able to have a great 50th anniversary season in no small part to you! The souvenir tickets received lots of admiration on Saturday night. Thank you!

– Bernie Berry, Senior Director of Ticket Services at Wolf Trap Foundation

Create unique custom printed souvenir tickets for your fans!