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Securely Control Access with Credentials and Badge Printing

Monitor access to restricted and VIP areas with personalized badges. Our badge printing services offer superior access control while creating a memorable customer experience.

Badges and credentials from Weldon, Williams and Lick make it easy to control access to restricted and VIP areas. Printed security solutions are paramount to keeping a venue safe and secure during an event. Access badges are a proven, hassle-free way to ensure only authorized patrons gain entry to high-profile areas.

WW&L offers custom credential printing to enhance the security of your upcoming event or venue. Our VIP passes, suite credentials, and access badges work in conjunction with your current security measures to elevate the experience for your patrons by:

  • Accurately identifying VIP patrons
  • Controlling access into restricted areas
  • Improving brand recognition
  • Reducing the risk of counterfeiting
  • Building long-term guest relationships
  • Increasing revenue through sponsorships

In addition to boosting event security, VIP badges are beneficial for premium ticket holders. Our credentials are durable and highly attractive. Custom passes add to the customer experience and also become a coveted keepsake item. WW&L will print a high-quality product so you can make your valued patrons feel special while controlling access to important areas. It’s our mission to extend your brand in everything we do.

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What Are VIP Badges and Credentials from WW&L?

While online ticketing and mobile passes have become more prevalent, digital ticketing may often be stressful for your attendees to use when a device is low on battery. Physical badges from WW&L are the best way to identify VIP patrons and secure restricted areas.

Access badges are vital for all events and venues. Guests proudly wear their credentials around their necks during events, and many will showcase their badge for years to come as a commemorative keepsake. Thus, the customer’s experience is greatly enhanced while your access control and security needs are met.

WW&L Prints and Manufactures Custom Credentials For

Premium Seat Holders

Suite, Club, VIP Rooms


Media & Press

Sports Games, Playoffs, & Tournaments

Personnel & Volunteers

Corporate Sponsors

And Many More!

All WW&L badges are wearable and long-lasting. Clients can choose from paper credentials for single-day events or laminated passes to last an entire season. We create all-access badges out of high-quality materials so they are designed to survive the elements. At the end of the season, your credentials can be cherished while you create a new look and plan for the next big show that will excite your audience.

Cost-Efficient Credentials without Cutting Corners

Other companies offer event badges, but the WW&L standard is high. We go the extra mile to ensure the accuracy of all variable data, provide the best security features, and deliver on time.

Our access badges are more cost-efficient when compared to others. WW&L offers full-color digital printing to complement your brand. We set up everything on the front end and can make changes instantly, saving you money in the long run. Patrons also enjoy a fast turnaround time, and our team is here to help every step of the way. Direct Connect services are also available – providing a one-stop print and mail solution.

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Our Access Badges and Credentials Features

Access passes are a badge of honor. They are also a direct representation of your brand. Only the highest quality materials will suffice. That’s why we offer many premium features, including:

  • RFID
  • Standard (3″ x 5″) and custom sizes
  • 10pt Synthetic stock
  • Die notch for lanyards
  • Choice of 5mil or 10mil lamination
  • High-gloss or matte finish
  • Rounded four corners
  • Custom colors or artwork
  • Printed variable data

The quality and durability of WW&L credentials are superior and just what you need to run a smooth event. Our team looks forward to working with you to help create a safe and secure operation that is efficient for you and your audience.

Unbeatable Security with WW&L Badges

Valued guests want to feel special when they attend your event. Access badges give these VIP patrons a distinguished look and a sense of pride. While guests want to show off their status to everyone they meet, our clients desire increased security. That’s why WW&L offers a wide range of security features for all printed credentials.

  • Microprint Copy
  • Custom Colors/Screening
  • Custom Spot Varnish
  • Pinnacle Foil
  • Trace II Ink
  • Blacklight UV Ink
  • Barcodes
  • QR Codes
  • Consecutive Control Numbers
  • Variable Printing

Customize badges with identifiable information, such as section/row/seat, gate, names, titles, photos, and more! Exceed client expectations with intricate details of personalization. Variable data printing adds another layer of security – making each badge unique to its access point. Our different levels of security printing offer a customized approach to enhance your access credentials.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

Trust WW&L for Premium Security Access Control Solutions

Access control is of the utmost importance at high-profile events and venues. Printing attractive, functional, and long-lasting badges is one of our many specialties at Weldon, Williams and Lick Our credential printing services increase security and improve guest relations. With over 120 years of experience, we know which features and enhancements will benefit our clients the most.

Looking for a secure access solution that patrons will display proudly? Connect with WW&L online or give us a call to learn which badges and credentials will best serve your organization’s needs.

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