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Secure Lots and Streamline Traffic with RFID Parking Hangtags

Congested parking lots are frustrating for everyone. Keep the flow of traffic moving at gated access points with hands-free RFID parking hangtags.

Gated entries are among the best ways to secure parking lots, but finding a security guard willing to operate it 24/7 can be a daunting, expensive task. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) eliminates the need for a staffed entry. An RFID chip-embedded hangtag from Weldon, Williams & Lick gives every verified driver instant, hands-free parking lot access without needing to roll down their window.

RFID parking access control has become the gold standard in lot enforcement and security. Readers quickly scan vehicles for hangtags as they approach the gate, preventing traffic jams. Installing this technology is a proven way to enhance the overall visitor experience.

The best hands-free hangtags will benefit your organization by:

  • Enforcing vehicle control in gated lots
  • Improving the flow of traffic in and out of parking lots
  • Creating an additional revenue stream
  • Reducing the need for on-site guards
  • Making VIP patrons feel appreciated and valued
  • Providing a cost-efficient, long-term parking access solution
  • Increasing brand image and awareness
rfid parking

RFID technology is a proven security solution for the parking industry. Remote access control adds a level of validation to typical hangtags. Only authorized vehicles displaying these high-tech hangtags can open the gate. To provide our clients with unbeatable experience, WW&L partners with NEDAP—a leading RFID hardware manufacturer. This partnership extends our service to you by providing access to a knowledgeable staff that can troubleshoot your specific issue when you need it most.

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RFID Parking Hang Tag
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What Are RFID Access Control Hangtags?

Open parking lots experience the same problems—nonpaying and unauthorized visitors. These vehicles take up valuable space and would be considered a disadvantage because it infringes on the experiences of your most valued patrons. Adding a gated access point is one of the best ways to enforce vehicle control. And using RFID technology makes everything wireless, automatic, and hands-free.

RFID hangtags are similar to the look and structure of traditional hangtags with one huge benefit—embedded chip technology. When displayed from a rearview mirror, the chip emits a radio frequency to compatible readers. The reader instantly validates the information and opens the gate. It’s a streamlined access control solution that adds a high level of security for both businesses and patrons.

Top 8 places that utilize RFID parking access control:






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High Security

Unsurpassed Quality Control

WW&L is serious about quality control. We never let an RFID parking hangtag leave our facility without passing a series of rigorous testing. An electronic reading system scans each tag’s unique barcode and validates that the correct encoding goes on the antenna.

Further, we guarantee every RFID hangtag we produce is live and ready for immediate use. Each antenna passes a quality control check which limits damaged tags leaving our facility. Our clients can feel confident in our process and procedures as we make sure you receive what you expected. This extra step saves you time and money, and it also prevents unwanted parking backups by eliminating faulty tags.

RFID Hangtag Security Features & Enhancements

Are you looking to offer a quick, easy, and secure way to access gated lots? WW&L RFID hangtags offer this and more. We use passive tags that don’t require a battery for operation, are more economical, and ensure smooth traffic flow. Here are some of the features and enhancements we offer:

  • Weigand 26-bit format
  • 3-layer synthetic substrate for durability
  • Encoded inlay covered with 10mil lamination for added protection.
  • Inlay eliminates the ability to create counterfeit hangtags
  • Ability to lock personal info on the chip to prevent duplication
  • Barcode for added security
  • RFID serial number
  • Hands-free access
  • Digital printing process with 4-color graphic artwork
  • Standard hangtag size of 3.375 x 5.25″ with rounded corners
  • A read range of 16-33 ft
  • Anti-counterfeit print options
  • Pinnacle Foil (WW&L exclusive)
  • 12-month use guarantee

Technical Support with RFID Experts

RFID parking access is a high-tech vehicle control solution, and we understand you may want to know more before moving forward. To better serve our clients, WW&L has subject matter experts ready to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. We have an internal technical support team that is very knowledgeable about RFID technology.

Our dedicated team will help you choose the RFID solutions that will best serve your organization. We routinely educate and train our staff to stay current with the details of the complete product line. Competitive pricing below marketplace margin models guarantees our clients receive the highest-rated RFID products for the best possible price. Making the switch to hands-free access control will save your organization money upfront and in the long run.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

An RFID Hangtag Leader for Your Access Control Needs

The experts at Weldon, Williams & Lick will help you incorporate hands-free access into your gated lots. We have over 120 years of experience in the parking industry and can match you with the best vehicle control solutions for your organization.

Tired of unauthorized vehicles parking in the wrong lot? RFID hangtags will eliminate this problem. Connect with us now to learn more about this high-tech parking access solution.

It’s been a really good partnership for us every step of the way. It hasn’t ever just been about WW&L and what they could get out of it…they steer me in the right direction and look out for our best interests.

– Elisa Strathman Comer, Parking Operations & Events Manager

Looking to implement an effective hangtag parking solution using the latest RFID technology?