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Enjoy the Convenience of Hands-Free Scanning with RFID Wristbands

Patrons want both convenience and innovation when attending events. An RFID wristband uses built-in technology for a truly contactless, hands-free experience.

How many lost wallets do you find after an event? Probably more than you care to admit. As an event lover, we admit there’s nothing worse than carrying a wallet through large crowds and having the responsibility of keeping tabs each time you have to retrieve your ID, credit card, or cash, making the odds of misplacing it higher. Patrons would appreciate using an all-in-one product to replace that need.

An RFID wristband from Weldon, Williams and Lick is the most convenient solution. With this solution, you won’t have to worry about your wallet when everything you need, like age verification, pre-paid balance, and admission, is around your wrist.

Top 7 Benefits of RFID-Enabled Wristbands:

  • Superior access control
  • Stored value for digital wallet/cashless transactions
  • Social media integration
  • Touchless scanning
  • Social distancing
  • Instant visual identification
  • Elevated patron experience
rfid enabled wristbands

RFID chip technology takes a regular wristband to the next level. We can personalize your bands to properly represent your event. Our personalization options increase brand visibility and act as a marketing tool. From adding your brand logo to custom graphics, we can do it all. Wristbands are also available with customized programming for database development and biz intel.

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Rfid Technology
Uhf Technology

What Is an RFID Wristband?

Wristbands are fantastic attendee identifiers. When you add RFID functionality, these “smart” wearable bands are programmable for layered access control, and they look great, too.

Where to Find RFID Wristbands:

Sporting Events




Corporate Conferences


ticket printing and fulfillment services

And More!

How do RFID bands work? An RFID reader sends out a signal to the active wristband and pulls up the encoded account information remotely. The chip in the band works in conjunction with a dedicated software system. Smart bands have multiple functions available to confirm access, keep track of stored value, and manage credit card information, for example. This is beneficial to your patrons because they can make purchases or verify their age without needing separate identification.

An R&D Department Like No Other

Research and development is critical when it comes to RFID. Our full R&D department is continually reviewing ever-changing technology. WW&L stands out from the crowd because we stay up-to-date with current tech trends to ensure we offer the most innovative products available.

Unfamiliar with RFID technology? Although the term radio frequency identification seems futuristic to many, WW&L adopted it years ago. As subject matter experts, we understand how to manage and apply encoding, read, activate, and test. We can easily identify what type of chip is compatible and recommended to use with your system. Our experience and knowledge of RFID ensure we guide you towards the best access control solutions available on the market.

Technology Options and Enhancements

RFID wristbands are incredibly convenient but some wonder about privacy. Can outsiders or other patrons read the encoded data? No, they can’t. The built-in chip is highly secure, and patrons don’t have to worry about private information being shared.

We offer two types of RFID technology for our wristbands: NFC and UHF. Which one is right for your organization?

NFC is a tap-and-go technology. It’s has a close read range. Patrons must be either in direct contact or a few inches from the reader. This option works well for VIP access, concession payments, and re-entry.

UHF technology adds space for readability. Most scanners can read a UHF wristband up to 3-5 ft away. It’s ideal for attendee tracking and determining crowd totals. This technology will help you stay in compliance with any fire code capacity regulations.

Variety is the spice of life, and our RFID wristbands are no exception. Customize the wristbands to enhance your branding with colored bands or full color designs. We also offer several band materials to accommodate RFID, including:

  • Cloth with a saddle
  • UHF and NFC Silicone
  • Elastic
  • Poly-thermal
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Unsurpassed Quality Control

Quality control is always a priority at WW&L. We test each encoded chip to ensure every RFID wristband is live when you receive it.

Concerned about defective RFID products? If a chip doesn’t pass the test, we won’t ship it. It’s that simple. Our stringent quality control standards save you time and money in the long run, while our commitment to your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

RFID-Enabled Products You Can Trust

Working with technology requires specialized training and experience. As RFID leaders, our wristbands are sure to meet and exceed your expectations. We have over 120 years of access control experience, and we are among the first to use and offer RFID technology. You can count on us to provide high-quality identification and access verification products for all your upcoming events.

Want to get more out of your event wristbands? Try incorporating technology. Get in touch with us to learn why RFID-enabled wristbands are such a hot product.

Looking to implement an effective wristband solution using the latest RFID technology?