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Validate More Vehicles in Less Time with Front Mount LPR Access Plates

Verifying the credentials of every parked vehicle in an open lot was once an all-day process. With front mount LPR access plates, it is now possible to use a license plate recognition system to scan, validate, and control access for every vehicle in the designated parking area.

Introducing WW&L’s cutting-edge solution: License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, poised to revolutionize vehicle validation with real-time data capture.

Top Benefits:

  • Fast and accurate read rate
  • Compatibility with various readers
  • Reliable backend validation
  • Enhanced lot security without additional staffing needs
  • Opportunity for marketing and branding
  • Potential revenue generation
  • Long-term cost savings for organizations
  • Improved visitor experience
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LPR technology offers a seamless parking access solution by automatically reading vehicle license plates. Say goodbye to the hassle of hangtags or parking passes – drivers can enjoy a stress-free parking experience.

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Come Experience the WW&L Difference

Keeping unauthorized vehicles out of open lots was once a tedious task. Use license plate recognition technology to streamline and update your process. A front mount LPR access plate is a cost-effective way to monitor your parking operations. Our team is available to help you get started. With over 120 years of experience in the parking industry, we know how to secure open lots of any size.

Looking for a better way to enforce parking in your open surface lots? Connect with our team to learn more about LPR technology.

Looking to enhance parking access or improve lot management?