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Streamline Parking Fulfillment with Permit Direct®

Validated parking is a must, but no one wants to wait for hours to obtain a decal. Our exclusive parking fulfillment service eliminates long lines and enhances the patron experience with convenient online permit ordering.

Parking permits ensure only authorized users and valued patrons have access to park. But without an effective system in place, getting permits into their hands can cost your organization additional time and money. Permit Direct, from Weldon, Williams & Lick, streamlines the parking fulfillment process. With just a few clicks, your patrons can request a permit, and we print and mail it to them directly.

Top 7 Ways Permit Direct Improves Permit Distribution:

  • Eliminates long lines at the parking department
  • Offers a contactless transaction
  • No need to hire extra staff to sort and pass out permits
  • Acts as a potential revenue generator
  • Increases permit security and accuracy
  • Reduces costs
  • Enhances the customer experience

Instead of manually fulfilling individual permit requests, use automated permit distribution for renewals. Permit Direct covers it all – daily, monthly, quarterly, seasonal, annual permits, and more! Save time and resources when you use the best automated permit distribution service the industry has to offer. With a 99+% package accuracy rate, rest assured your custom printed parking permits will make it to the correct recipient on time.

What Is Permit Direct?

Permit Direct is an exclusive partnership between WW&L and T2 Systems, a top parking management software provider in the country. This service simplifies parking pass distribution for your entire organization. Customers simply go online to order a permit, and the system sends their requests directly to us. There are no long wait times, and we can start processing the order immediately. Our efficient parking permit ordering platform will eliminate the manual process and save time with automation!

Anyone utilizing T2 Systems software can benefit from Permit Direct, including:


Cities and

city scape


Corporate Campuses

corporate campus



And more!

Parking Permit Fulfillment in Real-Time

Tired of spending hours approving parking permits, printing decals, and stuffing envelopes? Our fully automated parking fulfillment service simplifies parking pass renewal and distribution. Instead of needing to hire extra staff, we do it all for you behind the scenes. Fulfillment starts when the customer places an order.

Our team does everything under one roof. In-house production lets us monitor every step of the process, ensuring products meet our high standards. Here’s how we do it:


Customer orders a parking permit online from your organization.


The request transfers electronically to WW&L.


We fulfill the order and mail it directly to the customer.

permit service

Permit Direct is a fully automated system. The ability to fulfill orders in real-time sets us apart from our competitors. There is no lag between requests, and a 48-hour turnaround ensures patrons get their permits promptly. Customers can also track their orders from start to finish. We take the guesswork out of mailing parking permits to your patrons.

Shipping Options and Enhancements

Parking hang tags and decals are valuable. You don’t want them to end up in the wrong hands. That’s why we take extra precautions at WW&L. Our barcode verification system ensures the right customer receives the right permit. We scan every package before leaving our warehouse and can track the fulfillment date, items inserted, shipping address, and delivery date. These extra precautions guarantee all permits make it to the intended recipient without fail.

We offer these shipment options on all orders:

  • Online tracking
  • Security mailing
  • First-class mail
  • Email notification
  • Permit activation upon receipt

Permit Direct is ideal for sending out large quantities of the same items. All parking permits, decals, and hang tags ship in standardized, uniform packages. Every order includes a parking permit and up to two pieces of marketing collateral, such as maps or coupons. Our fulfillment service is cost-efficient and helps clients generate additional revenue through time savings and sponsorships.

An End-to-End Parking Fulfillment Solution

Clients often come to us knowing they need a better fulfillment method, but they don’t know their options. We make it easy to get started. An account manager will help set up Permit Direct for your organization. They will also explain the printing enhancements, ordering features, and shipping options available. And you’ll always have access to a parking fulfillment coordinator for any questions that may arise. We use a consultative approach to create lasting relationships.

Long gone are the days of manually approving and delivering hang tags and decals. WW&L handles everything under one roof, from manufacturing to fulfillment. As an end-to-end solution, our clients can trust us to lead them in the right direction.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

Your Trusted Partner in the Parking Industry

For the past 120 years, Weldon, Williams & Lick has been a leader in the parking solutions industry. You can count on us to streamline your parking permit distribution process, from printing decals to fulfilling orders. Once our customers make the switch to Permit Direct, they vow to never go back to manual distribution.

Looking for a more efficient way to order and deliver parking permits? Connect with WW&L online to learn more about our innovative parking fulfillment service.

I had a chance to meet some of the staff from WW&L at the conference, and my first impression was very positive. They really wanted to get to know who I was, who I worked for, and understand the needs of our college.

– Nicholas Aragon, Director of Parking and Fleet Services


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