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Validate Parked Vehicles with Custom Parking Hangtags

Unvalidated vehicles cost business owners and event organizers a lot of money each year. Our parking hangtags ensure any vehicle parked in your open lot has the authorization to be there.

Dedicating ample space for valued patrons and staff will allow for efficient parking lot management and a positive experience. When planning to use hangtags to provide sufficient parking, it is also important to consider the number of authorized vehicles that require a dedicated parking spot. Parking hangtags from Weldon, Williams & Lick are a cost-effective solution for vehicle control at your organization.

Our vehicle hangtags are a high-quality parking enforcement product. These custom-designed hangtags will help your organization:

  • Enforce vehicle control in open lots
  • Increase security and access control
  • Add a layer of counterfeit protection
  • Manage annual and temporary parking needs
  • Create an additional revenue stream
  • Build brand awareness

Hangtags are a proven way to provide a safe and secure parking lot. VIP patrons will love the convenience of having dedicated parking access. A custom printed parking tag will help increase excitement around your event, in turn, improving your brand. Let us handle every step of the design process, from concept to delivery. Our hangtags are an end-to-end parking security solution.

School Hang Tag
Scratch Off Parking Hang Tag

What Are WW&L Hangtags?

Any organization serving patrons, staff, students, or visitors can benefit from vehicle control. Hangtags are a physical product used to validate vehicles in an open lot. When displayed from a vehicle’s rearview mirror, hangtags make it easy to identify who has parking privileges. Long-term and temporary options are available to customize to your organization’s parking lot management needs.

Top 10 locations that use parking hangtags:


High Schools



Sports Venues


Property Owners

Gated Communities

Industrial Facilities

Corporate Offices

Parking control is a security concern for nearly every venue and business. Using event hangtags ensures authorized individuals have approval and rights to be there. Whether you need vehicle control for one day, a weekend, a full season, or an entire year, we have the custom printing options to best serve your organization.

Durable Hangtags Guaranteed to Last

Durability is what sets WW&L hangtags apart from our competitors. While some companies opt for cheaper materials to save money, our material is extensively tested for durability that will perform well in the heat. We also use printing processes guaranteed not to fade for a full 12 months. We have a robust hangtag solution for every parking need.

Our team does everything under one roof. In-house production lets us monitor every step of the process, ensuring products meet our high standards. Here’s how we do it:


Client sends artwork and design concept.


Our art department composes a PDF proof for client approval.


The approved proof goes to printing and die-cutting.


We create the final product and prepare it for shipment.


Use our fulfillment service to have the permits mailed directly to your patrons.

Hangtags directly reflect your organization, and patrons want parking permits that look great all season long. When you choose us for your parking control needs, you can trust we’ll deliver a product that looks as good on the final day as it did on the first. We 100% stand behind everything we do. Our products are proudly made in the USA.

Parking Hangtag Security Features & Options

At WW&L, we understand that counterfeiting is a huge parking concern. Many of our clients come to us looking for a way to prevent non-paying vehicles from entering their lots. That’s why we offer a variety of security features, including:

  • Pinnacle Foil (WW&L exclusive) is our unique metallic security foil that’s impossible to reproduce on a color printer.
  • Unique barcodes prevent duplication and help monitor vehicles.
  • Pristine lamination allows us to include watermarks and other security enhancements.
  • Micro-print is an ultra-small font that comes out as a solid line when copied.
  • Reversed foil numbering doesn’t reproduce well on a color printer.
  • Custom die-cutting lets us create hangtags in any shape or size.
  • Custom colors are ideal for validating specific parking areas in organizations with multiple lots.

A Dedicated Approach

Every WW&L client gets first-class treatment. Our tenured employees are subject matter experts. They will guide you through every step of the ordering and design process. You’ll first meet with our knowledgeable salesforce BDMs (business development managers). Our BDMs will help you select the right hangtag options for your needs.


Top 5 most popular parking hangtags:

  • Hangtuf is a strong hangtag made for frequent transfers. This .022 filled polypropylene design can withstand extreme temperatures. We guarantee it won’t fade or curl for one year.
  • Triplex has a unique three-layer design. The center is a single-ply 14mil synthetic material protected by 10mil lamination on the front and back sides. It’s ideal for those wanting dynamic graphics.
  • Reflectag features a filled polypropylene and DeTex Reflective stock design. We recommend this option for nighttime parking enforcement.
  • Weathertuff uses weather-resistant stock that can withstand the elements. It’s an effective option for temporary hangtags.
  • Scratch-Off Hangtags are a temporary parking solution made from heavy card stock. Your patrons can validate these hangtags as needed, reducing the need to stop at the parking office for every visit.

As part of the WW&L experience, you will work with a dedicated account manager who oversees the entire project from start to finish. You can call your account manager directly with any questions regarding timelines, proofs, materials, or fulfillment. This individualized attention will get you through the process without hassles. It’s our mission to build solid relationships with every client.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

Turn to WW&L for Your Event Hangtag Needs

With over 120 years in the custom printing industry, Weldon, Williams & Lick has the hands-on experience needed to tackle any project. Our innovative vehicle control solutions help you monitor who comes and goes from your facility. We connect organizations to their valued patrons through high-quality printed products.

Does your company need a better way to control event parking? Connect with us online, or give us a call to learn even more about our parking hangtag solutions.

If you don’t have consistency coming out of the printer and have to throw one permit away out of 75, there’s a cost associated with documenting and managing that.

– Elisa Strathman Comer, Parking Operations & Events Manager

Discover how parking hangtags can work for you.

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