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Improve Gated Lot Security with RFID Parking Stickers

Who wouldn’t want quick and secure access to gated lots? RFID parking stickers are a proven, hands-free way to prevent congestion and enhance the overall experience for valued guests.

Reliable vehicle control is a must for gated parking lots and garages. But hiring a security guard to manage the lot around the clock is a considerable expense and scanning ID cards can cause needless traffic jams at entries and exits. RFID parking decals from Weldon, Williams & Lick are a wireless access control solution.

RFID, also known as radio-frequency identification, relies on an embedded chip to validate a vehicle as it pulls up to the gate, remotely prompting the gate to open. Drivers don’t need to stop at an attendant booth or roll down their window to scan a card. Instead, a reader pulls the information from the chip, authorizes the vehicle, and opens the gate in mere seconds. This innovative technology creates an efficient way to control access to pre-determined locations. Expedite access and delivery with our cost-efficient and stress-free parking lot management solutions.

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Adding RFID technology to your gated lots will improve security and ensure only authorized vehicles gain entry. WW&L understands that every client has different parking requirements. Our dedicated RFID team will ensure you choose the best decals to most efficiently serve your valued patrons, staff, and visitors.

What Are RFID Parking Decals & Stickers?

Gated parking lots are by far the most secure, but without the latest technology, organizations must budget for a daily security guard. RFID technology is a hands-free way for VIP patrons and staff to gain access to secured lots. Parking stickers and decals with RFID-enabled chips adhere to the inside of the front windshield. This placement lets chip readers validate the vehicle and open the gate quickly and seamlessly.

Our custom programmed RFID stickers are durable and made to last. They are easy to apply to an authorized vehicle whether you choose to use short-term or long-term decals.

Here’s what else you can expect from our RFID decals:

  • Improved vehicle control into gated lots
  • Reduction in congestion and traffic jams
  • Embedded antenna that eliminates counterfeiting
  • Encoded in 8-bit ASCII format
  • Passive tag without an internal power source
  • 98% accuracy read rate
  • Custom printed in full color with logos and dynamic graphics
  • Additional revenue stream
  • 24/7 gate access for authorized patrons
  • Options for permanent or non-permanent adhesives
  • Visually appealing and long-lasting

WW&L can design and print customized parking stickers to meet your exact specifications. We guarantee every sticker is equipped with a live antenna that’s ready for use on day one.

Top-Notch Quality Control Standards

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why our entire line of RFID products must meet our strict quality control standards. Our team verifies that the correct encoding goes on each antenna and every sticker is in working condition before it leaves our facility. We stand behind our products to provide you with the best the industry has to offer.

We offer two RFID parking decal product options:

Repositionable Dry Seal

This design features a non-permanent adhesive that lets drivers move the sticker from vehicle to vehicle. Choose from a square cut or a custom die-cut.

Security Stick

This permanent sticker features a super-strong adhesive that is tamper-resistant. The standard square cut decal size is 3” x 3”.

We have a business partnership with NEDAP, a well-known RFID hardware manufacturer. Through this partnership, we can provide our clients with quality service and efficient troubleshooting assistance for the NEDAP access control product line.

RFID Security Features & Enhancements

Counterfeit decals are a growing problem in the parking industry. However, RFID technology makes it virtually impossible to create replicates. Even if a counterfeiter makes a realistic-looking sticker, they can’t gain access without the embedded chip.

Here are other security features and enhancements available:

  • Ability to lock personal information on the chip to prevent duplication
  • Inlay that prevents copying
  • Unique barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix
  • Custom colors and die-cutting
  • Pinnacle Foil (WW&L exclusive)
  • Reversed foil numbering
  • Microprint fonts
rfid badge

We can design RFID stickers to enhance your brand’s image while providing a new level of security with wireless chip-embedded access. Our decals also serve as a value-added perk as your patrons enjoy the hassle-free experience of getting in and out of a gated parking lot securely and efficiently.

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Technical Support at Your Fingertips

It’s our mission to provide our clients with unwavering support and guidance. Our technical support team of subject matter experts have been thoroughly trained to ensure they can answer any questions that may arise. We enjoy working with our clients and will use our extensive library of resources to meet your needs.

From the moment you choose to work with us, you will have an account manager ready to assist. You can ask them anything, whether you need to know about timelines, technology, customizations, or pricing. We always put our clients’ needs first.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

Experience the WW&L Difference

Weldon, Williams & Lick offers the latest in RFID parking technology. Stay current with the best vehicle control solutions the industry has to offer. Our chip-enabled decals will ensure valued patrons can enter and exit your gated lots with ease.

Looking for a better way to manage your gated parking lots or garages? Get in touch with us to learn why our RFID parking decals are in high demand.

The level of service from WW&L is a true differentiator. Obviously, manufacturing is a strong suit as they consistently strive for shorter production lead times but it’s the service that really matters.

– Nate Leech, Head of North American Region & Commercial Strategy

Take parking lot management to the next level with RFID stickers and custom vehicle decals.

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