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Experience Better, Faster Parking Operations with Virtual Parking Pass System

virtual parking pass

A VIP parking spot is almost as good as a front-row seat to your favorite event. But patrons don’t want to risk missing the kickoff just to find a place to park. A virtual parking pass combines technology with convenience for a streamlined parking experience.

Crowded parking lots and packed garages slow down the flow of traffic. Valued patrons want—and deserve—better. It’s time to give them the gift of easy-to-find parking while eliminating the stress of gridlocks, long lines, or misplaced parking decals. A virtual parking pass is the best way to amp up your parking operations and provide your VIPs with a memorable experience.

Why go virtual? Virtual parking permits are a great option for countless industries. These venues already know the value of hands-free online passes:

  • Sports stadiums and arenas
  • Amusement parks
  • Festivals
  • Performing arts
  • Healthcare facilities
  • College campuses
  • Corporate facilities

As a leader in vehicle access control, WW&L understands the unique parking needs of your venue. There’s no reason long lines at the parking office, jammed gates, or slow decal shipping should prevent your patrons from finding the perfect spot.

Looking for a viable solution? KIS Park, a WW&L subsidiary, keeps parking simple. A user-friendly POS application, electronic payment processing, and cloud-based reporting ensure only approved vehicles make it through your gates. Our virtual permit options will revolutionize your facility’s parking operations.

Let’s explore the top benefits of using a virtual parking system:

Elevated Patron Experience

Everyone knows the pain of driving around aimlessly, looking for the perfect parking spot. Surface lots fill up quickly—sometimes with unauthorized vehicles. Yes, decals and stickers reduce this problem, but selling them takes time. And not everyone remembers to purchase a parking pass before the event. VIPs just want an easy-to-buy permit to ensure they get in and find a great place to park.

Going virtual amplifies the patron experience. Instead of waiting for the post office to deliver a pre-ordered sticker, they now have the option of buying one instantly from any online device. There’s no downtime. Guests simply drive through the gate, park, and get inside the event with plenty of time to spare.

No More Lost Parking Permits

Imagine counting down the days until the big game. The anticipation and excitement build until you finally get to the venue. But a problem arises as you pull up to the garage gate: You can’t find your visitor parking pass! The parking attendant can’t help, and a line of impatient cars forms behind you. Unfortunately, this scenario happens all too frequently.

Parking decals, stickers, and permits sometimes get lost, and it can happen to the most diehard fans. Without a better system in place, these patrons end up getting to their seats late and missing part of the game. Virtual parking passes are the solution. An innovative point-of-sale application lets guests buy permits either online or at the venue.

Cost-Efficient Parking Monitoring

Organizations pay a pretty penny to manage parking operations every year, and there is a lot of overhead involved. Think about how much money you spend printing, storing, and mailing out decals during the busiest season. To keep your patrons happy, you need a fully staffed department to handle those jobs.

Offering an online visitor parking pass reduces these costs considerably. Patrons simply register their vehicle in an intuitive application to buy a virtual permit. The process happens instantly without needing a dedicated parking staff. There’s no worrying about shipping delays or damaged stickers.

Say Goodbye to Lost Parking Revenue

How much does your organization charge for VIP parking access? Restricted lots are an excellent money generator. Season ticket holders purchase parking permits for the entire year, and regular guests buy the remaining passes for a single event. But parking lots can’t turn a profit if nonpaying vehicles make it through the gate.

Issuing a virtual parking permit to every guest ensures superior access control for your venue. Visitors purchase their online pass upon arrival, authorizing parking inside your secured lot. VIPs who paid a premium to park in the front also don’t have to worry about someone slipping past security and taking their spot.

Better Access Control Equals Improved Safety

As an event organizer, you care deeply about the well-being and safety of your patrons. While you have safeguards to protect them once they enter the venue, you may not have given much thought to the integrity of your surface lots and garages. Unfortunately, vehicle theft and damage do happen. But implementing a virtual parking system will help protect your VIPs from becoming the next victim.

Online parking passes ensure that only paying guests can access restricted lots. Nonpaying visitors can’t get inside because the gate won’t open without the proper credentials. This added layer of protection reduces the risk of dents, dings, broken windows, and other property damages. After the final score, guests return to a safe and secure lot.

Discuss All Things Parking with WW&L at the IPMI Convention

Want to learn even more about what’s happening in the parking industry—both virtual and non-virtual? WW&L will be an exhibitor at the IPMI Convention (International Parking & Mobility Institute) on July 24-27, 2022. Visit us at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA!


What is a virtual parking permit?

A virtual parking permit is an electronic alternative to physical parking passes, decals, or stickers. Patrons buy the passes via a point-of-sale application. It’s a hands-free option to reduce wait times and eliminate congestion at lots and garages.

What are the benefits of a virtual parking pass?

Virtual passes guarantee that only authorized vehicles can access restricted parking lots. This innovative technology streamlines permit distribution, eliminates shipping costs, and prevents lost or misplaced decals.

How does a virtual parking pass work?

Each virtual parking permit links directly to the vehicle. Patrons purchase the pass through an online application, register their car, and drive through the hands-free gate. The permit grants or denies vehicle entry in seconds.

Explore the World of Virtual Parking with WW&L

Virtual parking is a game changer. Patrons appreciate the convenience, reliability, and speed of online parking permits. This electronic alternative lets guests buy passes, enter restricted lots, and locate a prime spot without leaving their car. Are you still using old-school parking options? It’s time for your organization’s parking system to go virtual—your VIPs will thank you later.

With over 120 years of vehicle access control experience, you can count on WW&L for proven solutions. We offer a range of parking products to enhance the patron experience and streamline your parking operations. Ready to get started? Connect with us to launch a virtual parking pass option for your valued guests.