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The Ultimate Guide to RFID Access Control Systems

rfid access control systems

RFID access control systems elevate parking lot security at your organization. Discover how switching to this chip-enabled technology will streamline parking operations, boost the patron experience, and launch your company on an upward trajectory.

Here’s the hard truth: Your eyes can’t track everyone who gains access inside restricted surface lots or garages. Even if you hire extra staff or install a few more gates, unauthorized vehicles will find a way inside. RFID access control systems eliminate this problem, enhancing the security and safety at your parking lots and event venues.

RFID is already the preferred parking access solution for:

  • Sporting venues
  • Universities and higher education
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Airports
  • Corporate office buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • High-clearance buildings

Discover everything you need to know about radio-frequency identification (RFID) for access control:

Pitfalls of Manual Parking Access Control

Before technology took off, venues had to rely on well-trained staff to validate and approve parking admission. Cars would line up at the gate, waiting for approval. Unfortunately, this old-school method led to lots of frustration. Parking attendants couldn’t verify credentials fast enough. VIPs were late to events, and nonpaying vehicles snuck inside.

Top 4 manual access control complaints:

  1. Diminished patron experience
  2. Budget increases for hiring and training attendants
  3. Parking spaces filled with unauthorized vehicles
  4. Lost parking lot revenue

In a nutshell, manual access control can cost organizations quite a bit each year. Thankfully, the introduction of RFID technology changed everything. And once you make the switch, you’ll only wish you did it sooner.

RFID Access Control: A Chip-Driven Solution

By now, most people have heard of RFID. Many have even used it without realizing how the system works. But what makes this cutting-edge technology such a valuable tool in parking access control?

Encoded chips are the genius behind RFID. Although tiny, these chips can store all sorts of variable data—name, company, address, seat number, credit card info—you name it!

An RFID parking system drastically reduces wait times and human error in your surface lots and garages. It takes mere seconds for a reader to scan and validate encoded tags. Patrons park faster, and you won’t need as many employees to monitor vehicles. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The vehicle pulls up to the parking lot gate.
  2. A reader sends out an impulse to retrieve the encoded data on the vehicle’s RFID tag.
  3. The reader either approves or denies the tag in the blink of an eye.
  4. Validated vehicles drive inside and park with ease.

Yes, it’s really that simple. Imagine how much switching to RFID will streamline your current parking lot management system.

Secure Your Parking Lots with RFID Hardware from WW&L and NEDAP

Ready to improve your parking lot security? WW&L is a NEDAP distributor of choice. We offer high-security access control systems and parts to support the latest RFID + UHF technology. Serving clients in North and South America, our product line includes:

uPASS: Our NEDAP uPASS tag is ideal for commercial surface lots. It uses passive RFID technology. A reader communicates with the encoded chip to approve or decline vehicle access in seconds.
TRANSIT: Mass transit systems need to validate vehicles traveling at high speeds. Our TRANSIT tags and readers rely on active technology for long-range verification.
NVITE: RFID security goes beyond parking lots. Our NVITE system allows contactless access to restricted entries. Use it with other WW&L consumables, including our high-quality, professionally printed decals, credentials, and badges.

Choices matter when it comes to parking lot security. Powered by NEDAP, we provide:

  • Long-range RFID technology.
  • Microwave or UHF frequency.
  • Vehicle and driver identification.
  • Active or passive RFID.

Our experts will evaluate your parking access needs to match you with the best solution.


What is an RFID access control system?

RFID enables wireless communication between an embedded chip and a reader. It’s a hand-free access control solution, ideal for parking lot management.

What are the types of RFID?

The primary two RFID technologies are active and passive. Active chips are battery-powered and most common in the transit industry. Passive chips do not need a battery, instead relying on an antenna to communicate between the chip and the reader.

How can RFID be used in security systems?

RFID adds a security layer for parking lots, high-clearance entries, and VIP areas. Encoded chips store the user’s credential information. A nearby reader scans and verifies this information, allowing or denying access.

Improve Parking Access Control with RFID Technology from WW&L

Providing your patrons with a memorable experience starts the moment they pull up to the parking lot. Long wait times and congestion don’t make a great first impression. But you can’t just let anyone enter these restricted areas. Implementing RFID technology will revolutionize your current access control system. Your lots will be more secure, and your valued patrons will get to their seats well before the first inning.

As an access control leader with more than 120 years of industry experience, WW&L makes upgrading to RFID easy. We are a proud NEDAP distributor, providing only the very best readers and chips to our customers. From consultation to installation to technical support, you can count on us to be there every step of the way.

Ready to try this innovative technology for yourself? Get in touch to speak with a subject matter expert about our RFID access control systems.