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RFID NFC Access Control: The Answer to Your Access Control Hassles

rfid nfc access control

Still wondering if RFID NFC access control is right for your organization? Here’s why your valued patrons deserve a faster, more streamlined admission process.

How long do your VIPs stand in line? Long admission lines are a headache. But manually validating ticket holders, guests, and staff is time-consuming. Imagine if you could eliminate congestion at entry points for good. RFID NFC access control is a proven solution to expedite credential validation and elevate the patron experience.

Venues already reaping the benefits of NFC include:

  • Sports arenas
  • Amusement parks
  • Festivals
  • Fitness centers
  • Theaters and performing arts
  • Museums

The Problem with Manual Access Control

Many organizations think their traditional access control methods are effective enough. They hire and train staff to check and approve tickets, backstage passes, and credentials. And locked gates keep out non-validated individuals from entering. What’s the problem?

Manually verifying badges takes time. That means your patrons will inevitably stand in line for longer than desired, and that time really adds up. Research shows that humans spend nearly six months of their lives waiting in lines.

Other manual access control issues include:

  • Need extra staff to manage lines and crowds
  • Human error
  • Lost revenues
  • Counterfeit tickets and badges

Elevate the Patron Experience with NFC Access Control

RFID takes access control to the next level. Paired with an NFC access control reader, this innovative system gives your patrons the best experience possible. This technology also benefits your organization—an added bonus!

Top 7 benefits of RFID NFC for access control:

Eliminate Long Lines at Your Venue

Season ticket holders don’t want to miss the opening play. But that’s the reality of long entry lines. Switching to NFC credentials ensures VIPs make it to their seats before the game begins. A quick tap at the reader grants validated patrons access to box seats, lounges, backstage, and other special areas.

Stop Unauthorized Individuals from Gaining Access

Restricted areas are off-limits for a reason. If non-paying guests get inside, it lessens the experience for VIPs and costs your venue money. Reduce this risk with NFC badges and membership cards. An RFID security access control system approves or denies access to special areas in mere seconds.

Real-time Attendee Tracking

Your venue might hold 100 or 10,000 people. Regardless of the size, being able to monitor attendee location is crucial. RFID technology gives you real-time tracking. This feature ensures fire capacity compliance. It also provides valuable insight into which special areas are most popular with VIPs.

Reduce the Risk of Counterfeiting

Counterfeit tickets and badges are a genuine concern for venues. Thieves go to great lengths to create realistic replicas. But there’s one thing they can’t copy: NFC chips. If someone tries to scan a fake badge, the reader denies access. This added security improves your venue’s safety and enhances the patron experience.

Create More Revenue Streams

Once inside a venue, patrons don’t want to carry around a lot of cash for food or souvenirs. Contactless payment is the solution. NFC badges allow patrons to store financial data on the chip. If they want to buy a hot dog or foam finger, all they have to do is tap and go!

Custom Data Encoding

NFC cards are more than just a fancy ticket. They also serve as identification, and you don’t have to worry about printing sensitive information on the outside of the card. Store variable patron data directly on the chip! Custom data requests include:

  • Patron name
  • Section/row/seats
  • Account number
  • Financial data
  • Access control credentials

Give Fans a Higher Quality Ticket

Season ticket holders deserve the best tickets available. RFID NFC membership cards, credentials, and badges are incredibly high quality. Made to last the entire season, they will look just as good on opening day as they will at the final playoff game.


What is NFC access control?

NFC, commonly referred to as tap-and-go, is a short-range access control solution. It stands for near-field communication. A nearby reader communicates with the chip on an enabled tag, approving or denying access for the holder.

What are the benefits of NFC access control?

An NFC access control system provides fast, reliable, and hands-free access control. The contactless system is highly secure. Organizations can also use it to store variable data, serve as a season ticket, and for cashless transactions.

Do access cards use RFID or NFC?

NFC (near-field communication) is a subcategory of RFID (radio frequency identification). UFC (ultra-high frequency) falls under the same umbrella. The small inlay and chip size make NFC RFID products ideal for venue admission, credentials, and access control.

Trust WW&L with Your Access Control Needs

The days of manually verifying credentials are over. RFID technology streamlines this process. Once you deploy an NFC chip reader, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner. Your organization will enjoy:

  • Improved patron loyalty
  • Increased revenue
  • Better brand recognition
  • Real-time reporting

When it comes to innovative access control, WW&L leads the way. We are a one-stop shop for all your RFID and NFC technology and consumables. Our subject matter experts will help you select products to streamline access control and boost the patron experience.

Want a better way to validate patrons, VIPs, and other guests? Contact us to learn more about our custom RFID NFC access control solutions.