Playbill Posters

Custom playbill posters are a memorable item to include in your season material packages. Your season ticket holders will enjoy a take-home piece of their experience in your theater, extending the excitement past the event.

·        Standard Size: 11” x 17”
·        80Ibs Gloss Text Paper Stock
·        Full Color Digital Printed
·        Scoring and Folding

·        Increase Patron Engagement
·        Provide a Unique Souvenir Item to Season Ticket Holders
·        Economical Gift Option

Use Weldon, William’s & Lick’s Direct Fulfillment service to fulfill orders for your ticket holders. Direct Fulfillment is the perfect distribution solution for advanced sale tickets, membership cards, inserts, renewal invoices and playbill posters. Use Direct Fulfillment to decrease staffing costs and time spent managing distribution on your own. Let us print, package and distribute all of your ticket and print material needs.