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Venue Intelligence: Real-Time Counts and Alerts

Today, you can optimize the operations, capacity, and security of an event through venue intelligence. However, hospitality and entertainment venues have had to face setbacks due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Real Time Counts and Venue Capacity Management with RFID

Real-Time Counts and Alerts: What Can You Do?

Event organizers can check accurate counts of the total number of individuals present on the venue premises. The occupancy counting is a visual monitoring system that allows you to check multiple areas of a building. You can preview the live totals on a tablet-mode style screen.

You can use the same display to assign more visual parameters and alerts in specific areas of the venue. What’s interesting is that you don’t necessarily have to be at the event to monitor its total crowd capacity. You can use a mobile device and send visual texts or alerts to the onsite staff about the current capacity limits.

Here is how businesses can comply with occupancy regulations through real-time alerts and counts:

  • You can set occupancy warnings and alerts by mail or text
  • You can view the live crowd occupancy remotely and locally
  • You can see total people in each room, floor, and the entire building
  • You can view the occupancy data on a digital dashboard screen
  • You can review historical crowd occupancy for future events
  • You can check up on real-time crowd counts to ensure health and safety compliance
  • Assign warnings and alerts when crowd capacity reaches near the limit
  • Your network systems can exchange crowd occupancy data over a secure server
  • Count exact number of leaving and entering the venue
  • Count number of people leaving and entering the venue per hour or day
  • Restrict people with credentials entering the event until a specific number of people leave

Customizable Real-time Alerts

You can configure specific real-time alerts in certain scenarios. It means you can customize the total count of people in a defined venue space and add queues about capacity reaching the limit. You can even notify appearances of individuals as per their appearance.

Track Occupancy and Avoid Crowding

You can assign security parameters to VIP areas to avoid security breaches. Visually, you can see on the display total occupancy and analytics options. You can even integrate cloud-based software and create dedicated crowd occupancy reports.

Again, it is the freedom to assign separate alerts when the total capacity reaches near or exceeds the venue capacity that makes all the difference. With a single log-in, you can see the visual dashboard and review the people count virtually. When the crowd occupancy breaches the limit of the venue, the display will show red alerts.


Venue managers no longer have to hire dozens of venue management staff to maintain crowd limits in an event. In fact, event organizers can now review real-time counts and alerts through venue intelligence. It revolves around a combination of tech advancements that makes it easier for event organizers to keep an eye on an event’s total crowd capacity.

In retrospect, real-time awareness helps the event organizers remain proactive about the total crowd capacity. It functions as a prompt intervention at multiple interval points and helps maintain venue operations without crossing crowd occupancy issues. 

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