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Using Custom Graduation Prints to Help Celebrate Your Students

Graduations always hold a particular sense of finale. They mark the progression from student to alumnus and allow for an atmosphere of celebration as the graduate’s achievements are recognized by friends and family.

Likewise, the diploma itself marks this recently completed stage, symbolizing all the years of extensive study and time spent as well as the new adventures waiting on the horizon. It represents the significance of the application of oneself to study over time, culminating in preparation for the next stage of life to begin. That’s a great deal of meaning to imbue in one piece of paper!

Custom graduation posters and tickets

The Most Important Graduation Print

If you guessed the diploma is the most important graduation print there is, give yourself a pat on the back. You nailed it!

As an “experienced” graduate, I’ve always found it a bit odd that the “diploma” you receive as you shake hands and smile for the photo op is actually just an empty diploma holder.

Of course, graduates receive a final diploma from their school – usually several weeks after the ceremony ends. When the diploma itself arrives in the mail, it’s only natural to get excited and end up taking another impromptu photo, but something about the picture of yourself in your PJ’s holding a shiny new diploma with the rest of the mail just doesn’t seem as celebratory. Go figure!

If you want to give a graduate in your life a more memorable experience, consider ordering some personalized promotional prints that are sure to put a smile on their face (and look much better in graduation photos than an empty diploma holder!).

And it doesn’t stop there – you’d be surprised at all of the wonderful prints you can customize to make your graduate’s day even more special.

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Custom Prints to Celebrate Graduation

Gift your grad something they can hold onto to acknowledge their successes for years to come.

1. Commemorative Tickets

The tickets given out by most schools to reserve seats for graduation aren’t always the most special. In fact, they might just take the form of slips of paper, or raffle tickets. Not very memorable, in our opinion.

These commemorative tickets are different. Select your own artwork to upload (a senior photo or other nice picture of the grad, perhaps?). You can design your artwork to also include the grad’s name, the school name, or whatever else you want printed on the ticket. We’ll take it from there, printing you glossy commemorative tickets that would look excellent in a scrapbook or shadowbox with other memories of graduation.

For a different approach, consider using our pre-designed General Admission Graduation tickets, customized with the school name, graduation venue address, date, and time. Add the school’s logo for a special touch.

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2. Personalized Grad Posters

Looking for a different way to spread the word? Graduation posters could be just the thing! These entirely customizable posters are a great way to display graduation venue information, times, and other pertinent details. They are a great way to announce a graduation party, with the poster as a lasting token of the event.

3. DIY Grad Badges

If you are throwing a huge celebration for your graduates, these DIY Grad Badges will be a hit. Perfect for large gatherings in public or shared spaces, custom Grad Badges will identify distinguished members of the graduating class so attendees can shower them with praise and congratulations! Customize the badges with their school logo or personal photo, custom text, and font style/colors.

Good Luck, Graduates!

For so many students, graduation day remains the goal that they have strived for and worked toward for years. Finally receiving recognition for their hard work is of paramount importance, as is the acceptance of their diploma in front of friends and family. Celebrating their success with personalized prints is an excellent way to keep the recognition going and let your graduate know how proud you are of their accomplishments.

One thing is for sure – as the graduates of 2020 and 2021 embark into their new journeys in the world, they will carry with them the distinction of accomplishing their studies and achieving success despite odds that most of us have never faced before. That is certainly something to be proud of.

How will you choose to celebrate the graduates in your life?