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Track Attendees in Real-Time with Validate Credential Management

Keeping an eye on who gets inside restricted areas is crucial. Our credential management software speeds up access control and improves patron loyalty.

Is your venue stuck in the past when it comes to validating access requests? The future of credential management is RFID. But many event organizers still rely on old-fashioned authentication methods. Unfortunately, this leads to human error, time-consuming approvals, and counterfeiting. Need something better? Weldon, Williams & Lick in conjunction with our strategic partner Stark RFID, offers cutting-edge access control software that is a step above traditional credential systems.

10 Benefits of RFID Venue Intelligence:

  • Adds a security layer without needing to hire extra guards
  • Speeds up credential fulfillment
  • Reduces fraud and counterfeiting
  • Streamlines access to VIP/restricted areas
  • Offers real-time data reporting with notifications
  • Scalable solution that grows with your organization
  • Allows for capacity tracking
  • Can manage the entire system on a mobile device
  • Handles last minute changes
  • Enhances the patron experience

Credential management is extremely versatile. You can start slow and expand as your brand grows. Our software works in conjunction with RFID consumables. Try it with our credentials, badges, or wristbands. It tracks attendees and ensures only authorized individuals with permission gain access. Most importantly, it does it all in a way that elevates your brand.

What Is Credential Management?

Monitoring who enters your venue with a timestamp is a must. But traditional paper badges aren’t fail-proof. Fraud is a concern, and unauthorized individuals might get inside restricted areas without the right tools in place. Validate Credential Management (CM)—our access control software—utilizes the latest RFID technology to provide real-time attendee tracking.

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Older badges have a lot of printed variable data on them, and visual verification errors are all too common. Validate CM brings authentication into the current century using venue intelligence. WW&L has a partnership with Stark RFID, a leader in RFID event and venue management solutions.

Enjoy a Competitive Advantage

While technology is everywhere, it’s not as readily available in the access control industry. Companies still do things like they did decades ago. Badges look the same, and organizations rely on manual verification to approve or deny entry. But this just slows things down and puts a damper on the patron experience.

At WW&L, we stay at the forefront of RFID technology. By utilizing credential management software on a wide scale, our clients can enjoy the same competitive advantage.

Here’s what you can expect from Validate CM:

  • Innovative technology
  • Contactless access
  • Automated messages and alerts
  • Versatile across many events/venues
  • Social distancing capabilities
  • Capacity Tracking
  • Web Based Event Management Tools
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Security Features

Counterfeiting is a significant challenge in the event access industry. There is always someone trying to reproduce credentials. What happens if someone tries to photocopy an RFID access badge? Nothing! They might have a poorly forged replication, but they won’t be able to get inside.

RFID technology stores all pertinent data on a chip. Printing variable data on the front of the badge is now optional. Instead of approving passes by hand, a compatible RFID reader scans and validates the information on the chip. This streamlines venue access and stops counterfeiters in their tracks.

Enjoy these credential management security features:

  • Permalock makes it impossible to duplicate or re-encode data.
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized changes on the backend.
  • Custom encoding allows for the personalization of variable data stored on the chip.

High security doesn’t mean you have to settle for lackluster badges. Great-looking credentials always impress high-profile patrons, and we can personalize any badge specifically for your brand. Our team creates visually appealing printed products that stand out—even in a crowded stadium!

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Make Changes in Real-Time

What if you want to add or revoke privileges on an attendee’s badge? Credential management lets you make changes in real-time—even in the middle of an event! The software allows for instantaneous adjustments. And since it all happens on the backend, you can even do it remotely.

While this may sound complicated, Validate CM is a user-friendly product. After a brief onboarding, you’ll feel like a credential management software expert in managing safety and security throughout your venue.

Anyone can print and mail tickets, but we know the experience begins as soon as your patrons receive their package. Your dedicated team will brainstorm ways to bring the fan experience to life. Whether it’s a brand-new packaging concept or a personalized swag gift box, we will create a memorable unboxing that your fans will remember for a lifetime.

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Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

The Future of Access Control Is Here

When it comes to innovative solutions, WW&L leads the way. For over 120 years, we have helped customers find a better way to monitor access control. Being the first to adopt the latest technology ensures we always offer the best, most effective products. Got a question about RFID? Our subject matter experts can answer any questions. We love serving our customers!

It’s time to make the switch to a technology-driven credential solution. Get in touch to learn how our credential management software will greatly benefit your organization.

Combine RFID credentials with event management software and access powerful venue intelligence. Want to learn more?

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