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River Valley Flood Update

Updated: Friday, June 7th

Our continued gratitude for your concern, thoughts and prayers. The immediate threat is over, our production has not been disrupted and we are helping our community rebuild and repair.    This will take time, as the devastation to not just Fort Smith but the remaining state and our neighboring state of Oklahoma is truly extensive. It is heart-warming to see the swell of volunteers and assistance at local, regional and national levels. 

We do not see a need at this time to post further updates but will certainly do so if the situation changes.   

Thank you.  

Updated: Thursday, May 30th

We have some good news from Fort Smith and surrounding areas.  The city’s storm drainage system upheld during yesterday’s heavy rains, and the Arkansas River is expected to crest early Friday at a lower level than previously anticipated.  A major transportation route into Fort Smith was re-opened on Wednesday morning, which helps with inbound and outbound freight as well as access to work for area residents. 

Our plant is almost at full staffing levels and we have not seen any disruption in operations or ship dates.  Although not out of the woods yet, the risk to our facility has minimized.  As a company, we practice and prepare for disasters.  Our plant is equipped with generators.  We have redundant internet access and a second Fort Smith facility, where we maintain an IT Disaster Recovery site for critical systems.  We maintain inventory levels for major stocks and have individual departmental disaster recovery plans.  In a time like this, it is a relief to know you have a plan that works.  It also reminds us to be diligent in keeping plans updated and current. 

For Fort Smith and surrounding areas, the devastation is truly catastrophic, and our hearts go out to our fellow citizens and residents.  We, like many good neighbors across the state and country, will turn our attention to helping flood victims and our city.  Our thoughts also go to tornado and flood victims in areas across the nation.  We all look anxiously forward to the passing of this major storm system. 

Thank you for your continued thoughts and well wishes. 

To our WW&L Customers and Friends: 

Many of you are aware of the flooding situation in Fort Smith and have called with compassion and concern.   We are monitoring this situation closely and will send email updates to our customer base and post to our website as things evolve.    

Elevation levels for our facility are well above the predicted crest.  We do have many employees impacted and we are encouraging them to stay safe and take care of their families and property.   Staffing remains adequate to handle current production needs.  We do not expect delays in meeting ship dates at this time.

We do not have control over incoming and outbound freight but are in contact with our suppliers and freight carriers.   We have a thirty day supply of stock on hand.  Although the main transportation routes into our city are closed, alternate routes remain open and carriers are utilizing those. 

We thank you for your concern and well wishes, not only for us but for our entire community.  Our customers are our family and we will do everything possible to take care of you during this time. 

Tracey Geren