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RFID Technology is the Future of Marketing. Here’s Why.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology creates data and experiences with contactless marketing actions. In other words, RFID technology allows you to safely meet your consumers where they are. RFID technology marketing strategies include improving social flow, reinventing experiences, and better visual branding or sponsor representation.

 Here are the reasons why your marketing team needs a RFID credential-based program for your next event:


RFID Technology in Marketing Helps Promote and Maintain Social Distancing

Nobody likes waiting in a long line or being overcrowded like a pack of sardines. While coping with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing extra space is critical.

RFID credentials can help resolve overcrowding and capacity issues by collecting data of heavily trafficked areas. RFID access control systems can manage densely populated areas in your venue. Easing up your operations as a result. 

Imagine a contactless way to reach guests overcrowding an already congested concessions line. An RFID technology marketing strategy could inform guests that nearby options have similar products and a shorter wait. Your brand can directly reduce potential pain points for guests and offer an upsell. 

What if you could inform guests of capacity percentages of exhibits in real time, like this example from STARK RFID? Guests would make their own informed decisions when to explore different spaces, creating a smoother flow of traffic. RFID access control can act as gatekeeper, allowing individuals to enter areas only as capacity guidelines allow. This transparency and measured approach to safety gains unparalleled trust towards a brand.

In short, the immediate data of who, what, when and where will have your marketing team salivating.

Stop Reacting and Start Interacting with RFID Technology in Marketing

We’ve all received those “Thanks for showing up! Did we live up to your expectations?” emails, but have you ever seen a digital sign thanking you personally as you left an event? How about your “walkout song” playing as you enter a suite? Consumers are demanding more personalized experiences with brands. RFID credentials offer a unique opportunity to exceed those expectations. Using RFID marketing techniques, brands will interact with guests in an inimitable way throughout their entire experience, creating memories that are evergreen.

In example, RFID credentials supply your marketing team with live data. This data helps to stop reacting and instead start interacting with consumer behavior. Credentials can track the moment when a patron entered a line to when they left. RFID marketing could be as simple as sending a push-notification prompting product and service rating. All the while gathering key data for future operations.

In the case of a negative experience, compensation is easily deployed. Or, a team member can locate the guest to solve the issue face to face. Think of the service impact of being able to say, “Would you like to speak to a manager?” before they even need to ask.

For positive experiences, RFID marketing makes impact during key celebratory moments– “Touchdown! Let’s celebrate together. Grab a beer on us at main concessions.” Your marketing team can see when patrons visited key exhibits with RFID personnel tracking. This presents the opportunity to create a call to action. For example, encourage guests to submit their organic content from an exhibit. This user generated content can be redistributed on your brand’s social platforms.

RFID Credentials Offer Premium Visual Branding and Sponsor Representation

Like gold medals, branded high quality credentials are virtually never discarded. The sharp design and “cool factor” of VIP credentials combined with the perks of RFID user experience make for a powerful souvenir. This is a front and center branded consumable that will be shared and reposted across countless social accounts.

And, as all great marketers know, the best branding is through storytelling. RFID technology is a gamechanger for any marketing team because it allows you to narrate the consumer’s story with them. Most importantly, this technology is an opportunity to interact with guests during a visit. However, RFID tracking abilities also provide real data on how many eyes reached a specific space, and how long, or how, those people interacted within it.

In conclusion, the best sponsorships offer solid ROI. The endless abilities of RFID credentials create true investment opportunities. This helps fortify the grounds of a lasting partnership. In other words, the increasing data and capabilities of this technology will have your sponsors drooling (and paying for!) more.

Interested in implementing an RFID credential management solution for your brand?

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