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A Secure Facility Begins With The Latest Technology

High-tech RFID access control products ensure only those with authorized credentials gain entry.

Keeping track of everyone who walks inside your venue is a daunting task. Manually checking credentials requires extra staffing, and human error is always a possibility. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an unfailing way to track who gains access to your entry points, VIP areas, and parking garages. The innovative RFID access products from WW&L monitor attendance, track vehicles, and provide much-needed peace of mind.

RFID Access

Infallible RFID Access Products

A breach at the entry gate can cost an organization considerably. Technology reduces this risk. Our RFID membership cards serve as pocket-sized season tickets. The embedded tap-and-go technology instantly approves or denies access. This expedites entry and elevates the patron experience. Our RFID badges serve as both a ticket and form of identification. Each badge contains valuable information about the holder. This feature ensures only VIPs gain access to special areas. For the ultimate hassle-free patron experience, RFID wristbands serve as a digital wallet for contactless transactions.

Gated entries provide an additional layer of security at surface lots and garages. But waiting for someone to check the credentials for each vehicle can back up traffic. Our RFID parking system uses NEDAP hardware to enforce parking. Readers scan and approve our RFID hangtags in seconds, improving vehicle flow. This hands-free technology opens parking gates without ever rolling down the window. We also offer chip-embedded parking stickers. These adhere to the front windshield for seamless scanning and validation.

Technology-Driven Security

Want to keep better track of attendance? RFID products from WW&L provide reliable, secure patron access. Only authorized individuals will be able to walk through your gates. In only a few seconds, readers scan and verify the information on each chip. This technology streamlines admission, prevents theft, and builds patron loyalty. Our clients can add custom colors, designs, and logos to increase brand awareness.

What makes our chip-embedded products the best? We personally test every chip before it leaves our facility. Our quality control standards ensure you never have to worry about receiving a defective product. Eliminate long admission lines and parking lot jams with our RFID access solutions. Visit each product icon to find out more.