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8 Venues Kiss Paper Badges Goodbye. Welcome the New Breed of Credential Management

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors? Without the proper credentials, you may never find out—and that’s not a bad thing after all! Venues need to monitor who has access to restricted areas. In the past, this task fell into the lap of a human employee. But today, many organizations rely on state-of-the-art RFID technology. Discover how you can use it to tackle credential management and secure the premises.

RFID Credential Management Systems: Understanding The Basics

Venues need a proven way to track everyone who comes and goes, including all patrons, employees, and vendors. That’s why organizations check credentials at the door. Documenting the exact time a person arrives or departs helps to secure the facility, but writing it all by hand requires a lot of extra staff. What’s the solution? A radio-frequency identification (RFID) credential management system. It will take all the guesswork out of attendee tracking.

Unlike traditional paper badges, RFID uses encoded chips to watch everyone entering your venue. And it works in real-time. This reduces fraud and increases visibility. Tap-and-go technology validates patrons in nanoseconds, either permitting access or denying it. Visually authorizing credentials becomes a thing of the past. Your staff can finally focus on more pressing tasks.

These popular venues have already made the switch to chip-enabled credentials:

Technology-Driven Access Control at Sports Venues

Stadiums, ballparks, arenas, and other sports venues serve a varied audience. Attendees range from first-timers to long-standing season ticket holders. On any given day, you might run into a few celebrities or notable figures in a VIP lounge, and protecting players is a top priority. RFID credentials streamline access control at sports venues. This technology makes it easy to keep unauthorized people out of these special areas.

Manage Traffic at Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums

Family outings and school field trips to educational facilities are extremely popular. But without proper access control, safety becomes a concern. You don’t want just anyone feeding the bears! RFID badges permit select personal access to these restricted areas, ensuring exhibit security.

Credentials Management for Performance Halls

Scoring tickets to a Broadway musical is a big deal, and you don’t want anyone to spoil the event. That’s why so many performance halls utilize RFID credentials. Scanning the encoded chip ensures only the performers and production crew have access to backstage areas.

Ride Credentials at Amusement Parks

Operating an amusement park ride requires specialized training. That’s why using credentials to monitor access to control rooms is vital. Additionally, RFID wristbands also provide venue owners with valuable data insights. Real-time tracking lets park staff make smart decisions. From preventing bottlenecks to improving visitor loyalty, this technology does it all.

Monitor Backstage Access at Music Festivals

RFID technology has become a familiar sight at large music festivals. Chip-embedded wristbands speed up admission and prevent fake ticket sales. While enjoying the show, both concertgoers and musicians want to feel safe. Credentials boost security by ensuring only the band, technical crew, production managers, and a few lucky fans can enter backstage areas.

Keep Healthcare Facilities Secure

Patient safety and privacy are top priorities at healthcare facilities. It only makes sense to use the most reliable credential tracking software available. Not just anyone can waltz into the ICU, operating room, or pharmacy. RFID badges prevent non-authorized personnel from getting into these protected areas. This added security layer ensures patients always get the best care. It also increases hospital confidence.

Improve Employee Morale in Corporate Buildings

Access control prevents unauthorized guests or disgruntled ex-employees from entering an office building. The right system will also protect personnel files, keep proprietary secrets under lock and key, and reduce theft. If an incident does occur, real-time tracking makes it easy to identify where everyone was when it happened. RFID credentials improve the employee experience by making workers feel safe and secure around the clock.

Added Security at High-Clearance Facilities

High-clearance facilities often contain hazardous chemicals or dangerous equipment. Owners put strict rules in place to limit access. RFID tags monitor who enters these areas and keep out unauthorized individuals. Real-time tracking capabilities prevent user error, track possible breaches, and promote building safety. Credentials create a secure work environment for everyone on site.

Hidden Benefits of RFID Venue Credentials

All venues benefit from credential monitoring, but do you need to implement RFID technology? Paper badges just don’t offer the same protections. Counterfeiting is a concern, and it’s easy to misplace them.

On the other hand, an RFID-driven system streamlines access control in countless ways, including:

  • Better security without hiring more staff
  • Faster credential approval (or denial)
  • Improved crowd control
  • Capacity tracking capacities
  • Real-time data reporting
  • Reduced wait times

Control access software eliminates human error and prevents long lines in high traffic areas. It’s a scalable solution suitable for venues of all sizes. Start small and add more features as your organization grows. Go one step further and encode financial information onto the chip. This makes cashless transactions possible. Switching from paper badges to RFID elevates the patron experience and increases brand awareness.

Implement a Credential Management System with WW&L

WW&L is proud to offer Validate Credential Management, our one-of-a-kind credential management software. Powered by RFID technology, this high-tech solution will help you keep an eye on anyone who enters your facility. It works with any of our access control consumables. We can add a chip, whether you need badges, membership cards, parking hangtags, or wristbands! Our strategic partnership with Stark RFID allows us to provide this trailblazing system to clients across all industries.

We have over 120 years of experience in access control. Our experts will match your organization with the right products to secure your facility, boost patron loyalty, and increase brand awareness. And who says credentials have to be boring? Our premier print services ensure an attractive design. We guarantee every badge, credential, or tag that leaves our warehouse meets our quality control standards.

Improve access control and secure your venue with this cutting-edge technology. Contact us right now to discover why your organization should deploy an RFID credential management system.