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Colorado Souvenir Ticket 1000x1000

In digital era, Colorado among teams embracing tangible souvenir tickets

You’ll need a digital game ticket to witness a Colorado home game in person during Deion Sanders’ memorable first season. But don’t think you can’t get your hands on a souvenir ticket for a treasured memento.

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WW&L has always been focused on connection. The products and services we provide connect organizations to their fans, and people to experiences, whether it be a ticket to attend a game, the opera or an art exhibit, a souvenir to remind us of a memorable performance, or a personalized high end package that shows thanks for continued support and patronage. Our mission is to help our customers connect with their customers. We will do this through traditional admission and access control products that get people in and out quickly and efficiently, high quality souvenir products, and technology enabled solutions that create buzz and excitement, and innovative solutions to reach, reward and thank fans and patrons.

vehicle parking system using RFID

RFID Parking System

Implement a cost-effective RFID technology using NFC or UHF to control your parking access to gated garages or surface lots.

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RFID parking hang tag

RFID Parking Hangtags

Secure access to parking lots and increase parking efficiency with RFID hangtags. The latest RFID technology makes parking management easy!

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NFTs create digital memories for fans

Digital Commemorative Tickets

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are a digital asset, such as a collectible event ticket, that is exchanged over blockchain platforms. Enhance the post-show experience offering an NFT with a digital signature that designates event attendee ownership!

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football direct souvenir tickets

Direct Souvenir®

Increase your revenue streams with an ordering platform built to match your brand. Patrons easily purchase commemorative tickets before, during, or even after an event. Zero upfront costs!

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