Custom Packaging

Why do people hold on to empty promotional packages?

Just like on Christmas morning, the excitement of the packaging reveal for something special is a huge part of the experience. There are a lot of memories tied to unboxing something. Holding on to promotional packaging as a physical keepsake or reminder is sometimes just as satisfying as what’s inside. 

Custom Packaging Tailored to Your Brand

Create memories that stand out long after your event. Our promotional package options elevate the unboxing experience for your subscription boxes and promotional kits. Customize your packaging to represent your brand in a colorful and sleek way. We make boxes that feel too exclusive to discard! Our personalization methods help you create that “you’re our most important fan experience” for all of your fans to experience. 

Custom Promotional Package for sports fan experience

Popular Promotional Package Sizes

Your promotional packaging can be designed to fit any product size you need. Here are some popular size options:



Length: 16″ Width: 9.5″ Depth: 4.24″


Length: 12.5″ Width: 9.5″ Depth: 3″


Length: 9.625″ Width 6.25″ Depth 1.625

Promotional packages different sizes for customization

WW&L Custom Packaging Details:

  • Inventory on hand
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Cost effective for small quantities
  • Shipped Flat – Freight Cost Savings
  • Branding Flexibility
  • Personalized with your patron’s name
  • Different sizes available
Promotional packaging that is customized to order