Laminated Tickets

Tickets are at the core of what Weldon, Williams & Lick is about. Custom tickets are a necessity for largely attended events. A custom ticket is the extension of the event in the palm of your end customer’s hand. Make your custom event ticket design just as memorable as the experience your customers have at your events.

·        Standard Size: 2” x 5.5”
·        Paper Stock: 10pt Premium Ticket Stock
·        Sequential Number, Barcode and/or Seat Reservations
·        Event Information
·        Legal Disclaimer Text
·        Your Choice of Four Lamination Options

Lamination Types:
·        5mil
·        10mil
·        10mil Matte
·        10mil High-Gloss

Upgrade your Laminated Tickets with your choice of print enhancements:
·        MVP
·        Foil
·        Spot Varnish
·        Upgrade to Chrometix

Protect your Laminated Ticket by including one of our many security features:
·        Microprint Copy
·        Custom Colors / Screening
·        Exclusive Integrity Foil
·        Custom Spot Varnish
·        Authen-A-Tic
·        Thermochromic Ink
·        Consecutive Control Numbers & Alpha Prefixes
·        Ultraviolet Ink