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This Print on Demand Solution May Just Solve Your Hiring Problems, Too

print on demand saves box office time

Print on demand is the ticketing solution you didn’t know you needed, and once you implement it, you’ll wonder how you managed without.

Are you wondering how many employees need to be hired to handle box office sales this year? With print on demand, not as many as you might think.

Do your employees spend so much time printing tickets and stuffing envelopes that they fail to provide a great customer experience? Your patrons deserve more—and so do your workers.

Print on Demand at a Glance
Is print on demand a completely new concept to you? You’re not alone. This service started gaining traction in recent years. However, many ticketing offices still rely on old-fashioned ticketing methods and handle everything in-house. That means buying ticket stock, printing hundreds (possibly thousands) of tickets, filling envelopes, creating labels, and finally mailing the package to the patron. Of course, this doesn’t even include the time required to process orders or sell tickets from the box office.

Printing tickets on demand is a revolutionary service that changes all this. Instead of printing tickets onsite, a third-party partner does it for you. Venues don’t even have to worry about shipping—it’s part of the service! But why should your organization make the switch?

Top 6 Benefits of On-Demand Tickets

1. Streamlined Staffing Needs

How many people manage the box office on a given day? Two? Four? Ten? The number probably fluctuates depending on an event’s popularity and time of year. Ensuring you have enough employees to provide excellent customer care is paramount—patrons don’t want to wait in line forever. But it also costs a lot of money.

Consider how much your organization budgets for box office staff. Facilities sometimes need to recruit more workers than anticipated to keep up with projected sales. Further, training new hires takes time and resources. There is a way to avoid these problems, however. Print on demand eliminates the need for daily ticket printing and fulfillment, ultimately reducing staffing needs.

2. Fewer Overhead Costs

When was the last time you inventoried your supply room? It may shock you how many unused printing products are inside. Venues purchase ticket stock in bulk, never actually finishing any of it. Unopened boxes just get shoved in a dark corner indefinitely. Not to mention the money spent on printers, ink, labels, mailers, and stamps.

Print on demand reduces overhead costs. You’ll no longer need to fill storage closets with excess supplies. Instead, your ticketing partner will handle all stages of the fulfillment process from a designated facility. It’s about time to put that supply room to better use and scale your business without worrying about additional overhead costs.

3. Attractive Physical Products

Digital tickets are here to stay. They are environmentally friendly, easy to purchase, and difficult to misplace. But there is one problem—they aren’t tangible products. Virtual tickets disappear after the event. That may not seem like a big deal, but some patrons collect ticket stubs as souvenirs. Maybe they store them in a binder, or perhaps they showcase them on the mantle. Regardless, digital tickets take away these lasting memories.

Offering printed tickets to patrons who still desire physical ones is the ideal solution. But how many will you need? Buying too much stock paper is a waste. However, if you don’t have enough, you’ll disappoint customers. Instead of guessing a number to print, consider tickets on demand. You’ll never run out of stock, and fans will leave with an attractive keepsake.

4. An Eco-Friendly Print Solution

Where do unsold tickets end up? Most of the time, box offices toss them in the dumpster. Throwing out a few here and there isn’t a big deal, but thousands of tickets add up quickly. That’s not a good image for organizations looking to reduce their footprint.

On-demand printing eliminates wasted stock paper by only producing ordered tickets. And patrons who do buy paper tickets can recycle them after the event. Imagine how much paper your venue will keep out of the landfill this year!

5. Additional Revenue Sources

Can you make money on print on demand? Absolutely! You just have to think outside the box office. Tickets are already a money-maker, but they don’t offer a huge ROI. That’s why it’s best to find other ways to increase profits. On-demand tickets fill that bill through sponsorships.

Whenever a patron buys a printed ticket, they receive it along with other pieces of marketing collateral. Sponsors buy the ad space to connect with a new audience. The more tickets you sell, the more money sponsors will pay. And why wouldn’t they? Tickets guarantee brand exposure. Patrons must open the envelope to retrieve their passes, and when they do, they’ll also look through the enclosed materials.

6. Take the Customer Experience to New Heights

Providing patrons with the best experience possible is always the goal. Long box office lines won’t suffice. They desire a better way to purchase high-quality tickets without the hassle. Print on demand is the solution.

Why do so many customers buy digital tickets? Convenience. It only takes a few minutes to visit the website and place an order. Printing tickets on demand is just as easy. The only difference is that patrons also receive physical tickets in the mail. When the package arrives, unboxing it creates memories fans cherish for a lifetime.

Introducing WePOD from WW&L

WW&L has been a leader in the printing industry for well over 120 years, providing high-quality, secure ticketing products to our loyal customers. We constantly look for improved services to truly enhance the ticketing experience. That’s why we proudly offer WePOD, our rapid admission ticketing service.

Organizations Benefitting from WePOD:

  1. Sports venues
  2. Concert halls
  3. Theaters
  4. Opera houses
  5. Festivals and fairs
  6. And many more!

As a WePOD client, you’ll receive white-glove service at all times. A dedicated onboarding specialist will guide you through the process. Don’t want to leave your ticketing service provider? Not a problem! We work with all providers, ensuring smooth, seamless integration.

WePOD is an alternative to in-house ticket fulfillment. It’s also a solution for patrons who still prefer physical tickets in this ever-growing digital world. We handle every aspect of the process, from design to printing to fulfillment. And as always, customers receive the same quality tickets they come to expect from WW&L.

Ready for a better way to fulfill tickets? Get in touch to start integrating print on demand at your box office.