Direct Souvenir

Capture the spirit of your event with Direct Souvenir!

WW&L’s Direct Souvenir program provides a personalized commemorative ticket option that is ordered online and shipped to the end-consumer. 

How Does It Work?

Direct Souvenir integrates with the experience app. If you are using the experience app during your events, Direct Souvenir is already an option included in the experience system.

The end-customer customizes and orders their commemorative ticket through the app, and WW&L fulfills the order based on the information entered.

Use Direct Souvenir to:

Grow Revenue

Create revenue after the event by implementing our effortless commemorative ticket program, Direct Souvenir.

A post event souvenir ticket is a great option to provide a personalized keep-sake for events that utilize online, mobile or print-at-home tickets.

Direct Souvenir tickets also help extend the value of your event by creating a post-event revenue source.

Grow Excitement

Engage with your fans after the event to keep the excitement going by offering simple sentimental up sell.

Grow Relationship

Continue the experience at home with our direct to fan fulfillment capabilities.

Direct Souvenir tickets can also be used as collector’s items for annual or once-in-a-lifetime events.


• Unique and Customized Ordering Page
• Quick Turn-around
• Multiple Ticket Design Options
• Direct Distribution to End Customers
• Flexible Shipping Options
• Integration with Payment Gateways
• Data Security


• Extra Revenue
• Sentimental Upsell
• Fan Experience Enhancement
• Extending the Fan Experience Past the Event