UHF Parking Permit Information
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UHF Access Control Information

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UHF Parking Permits

RFID is the next evolution in access control and parking operations. Barcode and mag-stripe technology have given way to the ease and flexibility that RFID solutions provide.

Read more about our UHF Parking Permit Solutions to start improving your parking operations and raising customer satisfaction without delay.

NFC Access Control

NFC or Near Field Communication is a sub-category of HF (high frequency) RFID technology. This method of wireless transfer can detect and enable technology in close proximity to communicate without the need for the internet.

Read more about setting up an NFC Access Control system for your events and unlock unlimited opportunities for unique solutions in your stadiums and venues.

UHF Access Control

UHF or Ultra High Frequency is a sub-category of HF (high frequency) RFID technology. This is often referred to as the “supply chain frequency” because these economically produced tags are known for applications in retail and inventory management.

For live event management, UHF is the ultimate in Contactless Entry Solutions. These long read ranges are automatically and quickly authenticated up to 20ft away. No more long lines, fishing for a mobile device or scanning in event goers.