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RFID UHF Access Control: How to Use RFID Technology for Security

vehicle parking system using RFID

Are you still operating a parking lot or high-profile venue without RFID UHF access control? Manually verifying credentials is so last century. It requires additional staff and lots of extra time to keep up with the flow. Inevitably, patrons stand in long lines, and human error creates a security risk. Luckily, the future of access control is already at our fingertips—radio-frequency identification (RFID).

RFID Access Control Explained

Radio-frequency identification is a cutting-edge technology that has gained impressive traction in recent years. It relies on two components: an encoded chip and a programmed reader. Active chips open gates without delay and prevent congestion in high-traffic areas. Parking hangtags, badges, and memberships cards with UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID inlays allow for truly hands-free access for:

  • Season tickets holders
  • VIPs
  • Celebrities
  • Media and press personnel
  • Venue staff
  • Corporate executives

Although extremely convenient, some organizations remain hesitant to implement this technology. What’s the number one reason? Money. Although there is an initial investment to get started, added security benefits and an impressive ROI more than justify the cost.

Discover 5 ways you can increase venue security with an RFID reader:

1. 24/7 Vehicle Access Control

How many vehicles can fit into your parking lots or garages at any given time? Odds are you only have enough room for authorized and paying patrons. Parking spaces are a hot commodity, and your VIPs demand convenient access. They don’t want to pull into a garage only to find someone else parked in their reserved spot. Plus, unauthorized vehicles lead to lost revenue and security breaches.

Imagine how long it would take your staff to monitor every car entering and leaving the lot. Instead of relying on humans, let technology take the lead. Chip-enabled hangtags and stickers validate every vehicle in a fraction of the time. Patrons simply drive up to the gate, and the reader approves the active tag in seconds—usually less! With UHF technology, they don’t even have to roll down their window. RFID access control also prevents stray cars from getting inside, a win-win for your organization and loyal customers.

2. Streamline Access Control to Special Areas

Every venue has areas that are off-limits to the general public. Maintaining a high level of security is a must. However, VIPs don’t want to wait in a long, congested line just to get inside. They expect—and deserve—white-glove treatment. RFID badges and wristbands elevate the patron experience while also reducing security risks and streamlining access to:

  • VIP lounges
  • Box seats
  • Backstage
  • Employee-only areas
  • Control rooms
  • And other restricted zones

UHF cards and badges have a distant read range up to 20ft, allowing for contactless entry. It’s a quick, three-step process: The reader transmits a signal to a nearby chip, reads the encoded data, and either approves or denies access. VIPs don’t even have to slow their stride.

3. Prevent Theft at Your Facility

Theft is rampant at unsecured venues. Criminals stoop to new lows to swipe credit card numbers or steal identification cards. Can an RFID tag really put an end to this problem? Absolutely! Proudly displaying credentials on a lanyard during an event reduces the risk of theft. Your loyal patrons will thank you later.

Badges, membership cards, and wristbands do more than open gates. Encoded chips can store variable data, including name, seat location, account number, and financial information. Patrons no longer have to carry around a wallet or purse. In addition to access control, encrypted RFID badges let fans buy merchandise or concessions. Further, organizers can turn off the chip in real-time if they suspect fraud.

4. Eliminate Replication with a UHF RFID Tag

Counterfeiting is always a concern for event organizers. Fake tickets cost venues money and put paying patrons at risk. But replicating a UHF tag is an impossible task. Even if a counterfeiter creates a look-alike badge, it won’t work. Without an active chip, criminals can’t gain access.

Unlike traditional tickets, which have variable data printed for everyone to see, RFID tags have the best security feature: the chip. Before granting access, readers scan the chip for verification. If it recognizes the encoded information, the gate opens, but the system will deny the request if the chip isn’t an exact match. Added password protection further secures this technology. Venues can even opt to lock info to stop re-encoding entirely.

5. UHF Technology Offers Real-Time Tracking

Do you know the whereabouts of every patron, employee, or vendor inside your facility? UHF access control features real-time tracking capabilities. High-tech readers scan and mark the precise location of anyone wearing an RFID tag on a lanyard. Consider this technology to manage:

  • Asset tracking
  • Attendee tracking
  • Vendor tracking
  • Employee tracking
  • Capacity tracking
  • Contact tracing

With RFID technology, you’ll never again wonder who gained access to restricted zones. High reading success rates ensure venue security and are much more reliable than manual monitoring. UHF software is ideal for crowd control, fire codes, and other limits. Manage the entire system on a mobile device for dynamic tracking in real-time.

Additional Benefits of this Type of Encoded Technology

A secure facility is a safer one indeed, but it’s not the only thing that attracts new patrons. They also crave an unforgettable experience. Encoded badges, membership cards, and parking hangtags provide that and more. Wearing an RFID tag gives VIPs bragging rights, acts as a physical memento, builds brand awareness, and fully immerses fans into the game. It’s something they’ll proudly display from opening day until the final gameplay!

Add an Extra Security Layer to Your Venue

Security is a top priority for venues across all industries. Radio-frequency identification prevents fraud, improves access control, and offers real-time monitoring while also elevating the patron experience and increasing brand awareness. This high-tech security layer provides peace of mind for both organizers and fans.

With well over 120 years of industry experience, you can trust WW&L to match you with state-of-the-art access control solutions to best serve your organization. Whether you need to secure a parking lot, entry gate, control room, or VIP lounge, our RFID products will exceed your expectations. As ticketing experts, we offer a wide range of custom enhancements to showcase your brand’s image. Choose from full-color digital printing, durable lamination, foils, and more!

Are you looking for even more security features? We also offer consecutive control numbers, microprint copy, variable barcodes, and custom data encoding on all RFID hangtags, badges, and cards. Every chip undergoes quality-control testing to ensure it’s active before leaving our hands. Our team will help you design a credential your fans will wear with pride all season. Once you switch to RFID credentials, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Ready to improve venue security with a proven high-tech solution? Contact our experts to begin designing RFID UHF access control products for your loyal patrons.