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How College Athletic Directors Get an Easy W Preparing For NACDA


As you prepare for NACDA in Las Vegas this year, it’s a good idea to walk in with a few unbeatable plays already in mind. One of the best is a balanced scorecard. Keep reading to learn why you need to create one for your college athletics program.

Running a collegiate athletics department sounds easy on paper. Recruit talented players, train hard, sell tickets, and win as many games as possible. But a successful season relies on more than just scoring the most touchdowns. Even generating a ton of money isn’t the endgame. There are several metrics to consider as your take your organization into overtime.

What Is a Balanced Scorecard for College Athletics Administrators?

Contrary to the name, a balanced scorecard has nothing to do with winning a sports game. Instead, it’s a performance measurement tool that surveys four vital perspectives that can help to identify key areas for improvement.

To prepare for NACDA, consider taking inventory on the current status in these 4 areas:

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Internal Process
  3. Innovation and Growth
  4. Financial Goals

These perspectives do have some overlap with each other. However, setting goals to improve these metrics with one cohesive strategy will also ensure your athletics department advances to the next round. Let’s explore ways to enhance each one.

Boosting Customer Perspective

How do customers view the organization? Fans return every season to support their favorite teams. A goal should be to elevate their experience and boost brand visibility simultaneously. Custom printed tickets, promotional products, and even souvenir tickets will ensure patrons view your school fondly.

Analyzing the University Internal Perspective

What must your university excel at to be successful? Your department’s business practices should be efficient to meet the needs of your patrons and employees. For example, deploying an RFID credential management system benefits fans and workers. Patrons spend less time waiting in line, and you can reassign your staff to more rewarding tasks.

Fostering the Growth Perspective

How can your athletics department improve and create value? Getting stuck in a rut is common, but the teams that pull themselves out go home with the gold. Introduce innovation to your audience. Aside from recruiting the best players and hiring outstanding coaches, look for ways to offer cutting-edge products to your patrons. RFID technology, for instance, is the future of ticketing.

Weighing the Financial Perspective

How well is your department doing financially? Making money isn’t the only purpose of college athletics, but it’s still critical to your organization’s success. Examine every line of your financial records and find ways to reduce costs, generate new income, and promote efficiency. For example, some colleges use chip-enabled badges to limit overhead costs, reduce hiring, and improve fan loyalty.

Prepare for NACDA’s Convention with Validate CM & Printed Tickets

Improving the metrics for each perspective is simple if you have the right tools. Validate CM and printed tickets from WW&L check all the boxes. Our credentials management software is an added security layer. It improves access control and reduces fraud without the need for more staff. Innovative technology allows for contactless access and provides real-time attendee tracking. It works seamlessly with all our RFID consumables, such as badges, credentials, and wristbands.

Looking for printed tickets, season passes, or badges? We’ve got you covered. Choose from a variety of enhancements and security features, including:

  • Custom colors and artwork
  • Microprint copy
  • Pinnacle foil
  • Custom spot varnish
  • Connective control numbers
  • Variable printing
  • And more!

How WW&L Recognizes Athletics Directors and Venues

A successful season begins at the box office. WW&L offers a variety of products and services guaranteed to level-up the patron experience, increase brand visibility, and streamline operations. We have over 120 years of experience providing innovative ticketing and access control solutions to the most successful athletics departments.

Connect with us to discover the right solutions for your team and waltz, skip, or jump into NACDA. Will we see you there?