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Great Parking Lot Management, the Unsung Hero of Every 5-Star Event

parking lot management

Want to enhance the patron experience before fans even reach the gate? Parking lot management ensures VIPs can find a spot with ease.

Venues often worry about what their patrons will think when they pass through the gate or enter the building. Organizers go out of their way to ensure everything is tidy and inviting. However, the actual first impression happens in the parking lot. If customers must circle the lot countless times to find an open spot, they might drive away unsatisfied. Implementing a parking lot management system ensures everyone with a ticket or the proper credentials can find a space without fail.

Top 6 Reasons to Rethink Parking Lot Access:

1. Open Spots Equal Happy Customers

Parking spaces are a hot commodity, especially at large venues. Available spots fill quickly, but not everyone has the authorization to park where they do. It’s not uncommon for a stray vehicle to pull into a reserved stall. And there’s nothing worse than finding out someone else stole your parking spot.

Issuing parking decals or hangtags makes it easy to identify who has permission to park there and who doesn’t. Security personnel can scan the lot for vehicles without these credentials and have them towed. Utilizing this system ensures your VIPs always find an open spot.

2. Parking Management Reduces Bottlenecks

Patrons appreciate access to dedicated lots and garages, but they don’t want to wait in line to enter. Relying on a security guard to approve entering vehicles and direct traffic isn’t ideal. No matter how quickly they work, cars will continue piling up at the gate. This is especially true during peak times, like right before a game or during rush hour.

Finding a better way to manage congestion is a must. LPR access plates are a technology-driven solution. When a vehicle arrives at the lot, cameras read the front license plate and run the information through a backend computer. Verifying credentials this way only takes a split second. Traffic jams will become a thing of the past.

3. Superior Patron and Vehicle Safety

Returning to your car only to find new dents or dings is never pleasant. Even worse, some drivers become the victim of a break-in. Adequate parking garage and lot security reduce this risk. Implementing a parking access system is the first place to start.

Who is to blame for these unwanted scenarios? It’s not usually paying customers. Instead, some unauthorized drivers sneak into lots with malicious intent. The only way to stop them is by keeping them out in the first place. Parking stickers prevent unauthorized vehicles from taking up valuable spots and damaging property. Your patrons will park with confidence.

4. Save Money with Lot Management

Venues don’t have a never-ending budget. Finding places to scale back is always a priority. A parking management system is one way to reduce unnecessary spending. Yes, you will pay an upfront fee to get things runnings, but once you have a vehicle access plan in place, you’ll be able to put more cash into the bank.

Is it really more cost-effective? Consider this: Your facility pays security guards. They work around the clock validating vehicles, and many go into overtime. As more patrons visit your venue, you need more guards to monitor things. With a parking system in place, you can rely on automation to permit or deny drivers. Instead of paying by the hour for additional staff, you’ll only pay once to purchase the equipment needed to get started.

5. Generate Revenue with a Park Management System

Paid lots are a significant money-maker for venues. Patrons will gladly pay a set fee for a convenient place to park. And all of that money can go back into your organization. However, an inefficiently managed lot or garage could lose money. Nonpaying drivers might sneak inside, leading to lost revenue.

Look for innovative ways to sell parking permits, such as through an online app or in-person kiosk. Reusable hangtags and stickers are also profitable. Use your organization’s name, logo, and colors to help build brand awareness. Loyal patrons will proudly display these credentials all season long, increasing venue visibility to friends, family, colleagues, and other drivers.

6. Elevate the Patron Experience Starting in the Parking Lot

Experience matters. Fans attend games to cheer on their favorite players. Patrons support venues because of new exhibits or one-of-a-kind events. What if you could help them create even more lasting memories? Well, you can, and it all starts in the parking lot.

VIPs deserve nothing but white-glove service from start to finish. Ironically enough, they will also begin and end their adventure in the parking lot. Providing them with the best parking experience possible will set the tone for the rest of the day. Streamlined vehicle control, attractive parking permits, and available reserved parking are simple—yet often overlooked—ways to let patrons know how much you appreciate their support.

Trust WW&L for All Your Parking Lot Management Needs

Imagine pulling into a parking lot that had great flow. It wasn’t overcrowded, and vehicles had plenty of room to maneuver. Drivers could get in and locate an open spot quickly. Now imagine if that same lot belonged to your venue. A well-planned lot management system can turn that dream into reality.

WW&L knows that proper vehicle control is crucial to your organization’s success. With over 120 years of experience in the parking industry, you can count on us for high-quality, long-lasting products that will solve all your access control problems, from parking permits to hangtags to LPR plates. Our full range of printing enhancements and security features reduce the risk of counterfeiting and enhance the patron experience.

Our vehicle decals are ideal for:

  1. Sports Venues
  2. Festivals
  3. Performing Arts
  4. Airports
  5. College Campuses
  6. Corporate Offices
  7. Healthcare Facilities
  8. Gated Communities
  9. And more

As a leader in the printed products industry, we can help you design stickers, decals, and permits that your patrons will proudly display. We offer an end-to-end solution and will oversee your project from start to completion. Every product that leaves our facility must pass stringent quality control tests to ensure it exceeds your expectations. Your vehicle permits will look as good at the end of the season as they did on opening day.

Need a better vehicle control solution? Get in touch to learn more about our parking lot management products.