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Direct Souvenir: Because Fans Crave Something to Remember

Direct Souvenir tickets

What do patrons really want after leaving an event? A tangible item to remind them of the day—and it doesn’t have to be something big. Before the digital era hit, paper tickets were highly collectible. Fans displayed framed ticket stubs on the mantle. Some even stored them in protective binders for easy reference and safekeeping.

But a paradigm shift changed this long-held tradition.

Today, many patrons purchase tickets online and have a virtual copy delivered directly to their inbox. This method has its advantages. Fans can buy tickets at the last minute and enjoy instant fulfillment. It also cuts out expedited shipping costs, which have skyrocketed recently. Others just like to purchase from their mobile devices, and that’s alright too!

Unfortunately, digital tickets don’t create the same lasting memories as physical ones. They disappear after the event, leaving fans without proof of attendance.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Direct Souvenir is a way patrons can buy commemorative tickets before, during, and after the event. These collectible keepsakes will keep your memories alive and let you relive that exciting day for many years to come.

Explore the top 4 reasons patrons desire souvenir tickets:

1. Lasting Memories

There are certain memories you never want to forget. Getting married, graduating from school, and the birth of a child all rank high on the list. But so do other events, like attending a Rolling Stones concert or watching your favorite team win on opening day. Buying keepsake items after the event, such as commemorative tickets, will ensure you never lose these cherished memories.

2. Bragging Rights

Scoring tickets to the World Series is kind of a big deal. Seats sell out quickly, and patrons spend quite a bit to reserve a section. Imagine going to that game and leaving without anything to prove you were actually there. Sure, you could take photos during the event, but you might miss out on a grand slam.

Fans want—and deserve—bragging rights after attending a hyped-up game, concert, or festival. But without a ticket stub, you don’t really have any proof of ownership. Souvenir tickets fill this missing piece of the puzzle. Patrons show off these mementos as they boast about their once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

3. Collector’s Mindset

Collecting is a favorite pastime for many. Stamps, baseball cards, and Star Wars figurines still in their original packaging are some well-known examples. Before the switch to digital ticketing, many fans also held on to their used ticket stubs. Those with a “gotta catch them all” mindset find real value in these professionally printed souvenirs. What’s more, unlike the tickets from your parents’ generation, these keepsakes won’t fade over time.

4. Fan Loyalty Rewards

Ever notice how the same customers repeatedly purchase tickets to your venue? These diehard fans deserve a token to show your appreciation. Offering physical souvenirs to your most loyal patrons makes them feel valued, increasing retention rates. Making these rewards only available to a select audience drives FOMO (fear of missing out) and increases sales. Plus, you never know how many friends they might invite to the next event.

It’s not just fans who enjoy tangible mementos. Venues also benefit from them. Here’s why event organizers should sell souvenir tickets:

1. Additional Revenue Opportunities

Patrons buy tickets, attend the event, purchase concessions, and then go home. Afterward, revenues typically dry up. Making keepsake items available to fans changes this.

Commemorative tickets are an additional revenue source for organizations, with no upfront costs. Venue owners can even sell them long after the game. As a bonus, post-event marketing promotes brand awareness. How many tickets should you sell? It’s entirely up to you. Some organizations print an unlimited supply to meet consumer demand. However, creating a limited supply increases the product’s value and encourages patrons to purchase.

2. Attract More Sponsorships

Sponsors partner with brands that bring them the most business, and they will pay an impressive commission to ensure that happens. Offering post-event merchandise is a great way to attract premium sponsorships. Simply inserting advertisements with the souvenir ticket packaging ensures fans interact with brand sponsors.

3. Boost Brand Visibility

The more fans see your brand’s name and logo, the more memorable it becomes. Use commemorative gifts as a way to market your organization. Print your branding on the outside packaging, filler materials, and keepsake tickets. Every time a patron views their collectible, it will remind them of your brand.

4. Free Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Marketing is expensive. The cost for a series of television or radio spots increases annually. And there’s no guarantee you’ll even reach your target audience. Offering souvenir tickets is one of the best ways to scale your brand.

Whenever a patron receives their gift in the mail, they’ll show it all off to all their friends, family, and colleagues. An organic conversation about your organization begins. Before you know it, these newly introduced customers start filling venue seats, and you don’t need to increase your marketing budget to make it happen.

Enjoy Fully Customizable Souvenir Options

Rare, one-of-a-kind offerings make collectible tickets so enticing. Fans want access to keepsakes you can’t find anywhere else. A generic ticket stub won’t suffice. These tickets need to last for years without showing any signs of wear or tear. Your patrons crave original artwork, bold graphics, and high-quality materials.

Fully customizable options make it possible to design unique souvenir tickets for every event. No two editions have to look the same! Some of the most popular enhancements include:

  • Paper stock options
  • Custom design elements
  • Chrometix
  • Acrylic embedments
  • And so much more!

Organizations can design their keepsake gifts as they see fit—the possibilities are endless! Once you settle on a final look and layout, it’s time to consider the packaging. It should protect the product and still feel luxe. Custom boxes, insert letters, and personalizations will bring your vision to life.

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? It’s not a problem! Skilled designers will guide you through the process, helping you select the best materials to enhance your brand and serve your patrons.

Enjoy Souvenirs Direct to Your Doorstep

The virtual ticketing trend isn’t going away anytime soon. With more consumers choosing e-commerce over brick-and-mortar shopping, it’s most likely here to stay. By 2026, Global Industry Analysts, Inc. estimates the global online event ticketing market will surpass $60 billion. But that doesn’t mean patrons should go home empty-handed. There is still a thriving demand for post-event souvenirs.

At WW&L, we believe the patron experience shouldn’t end after the final act. Instead of taking a screenshot of a virtual ticket stub, fans want something they can cherish forever. Our Direct Souvenir tickets are the perfect solution.

How does the program work? As an end-to-end solution, we provide you with all the tools necessary for a successful launch. After you approve the final design, we’ll set up a portal where fans can purchase their commemorative tickets. All orders route to us, and we print and fulfill them under one roof. Packages ship directly to the patron’s home via first-class mail. Imagine their excitement as they unwrap their long-waited keepsake!

Digital tickets don’t have to lessen the patron experience. It’s still possible to offer a physical memento to all your fans. Connect with WW&L to get started with our Direct Souvenir program.