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6 Ways Your Venue Can Use NFT Digital Commemorative Tickets to Win

NFT Digital Commemorative

Do you remember your first sporting event, festival, or concert? Odds are you still have the ticket stub from that day. Looking at it takes you on a trip back in time as you relive the memories. But when was the last time you bought a physical ticket? The shift towards paperless admission has changed the box office—but that doesn’t mean you have to go home without a keepsake.

Digital commemorative tickets let fans continuously engage with their favorite events—before, during, and after. Exclusive NFTs create FOMO and make these passes highly collectible. Is your venue ready for a grand slam? Discover how these technology-driven tickets will help your organization cross the finish line.

What Are NFTs and How Do They Work?

Before jumping onto the NFT commemorative ticket bandwagon, it’s crucial to understand all the buzz behind this innovative technology. NFT stands for non-fungible token. What does that mean? Something non-fungible is entirely unique and cannot be copied or substituted. Further, these tokens exist solely on a public transactions ledger known as a blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens can be any digital assets, such as artwork, music, videos, and even commemorative tickets. Each NFT has an identifying code that provides proof of ownership. It’s impossible to replicate these assets, which increases scarcity and value for those who own them.

What Is a Virtual NFT Commemorative Ticket?

Digital tickets have quickly become the norm at many venues. While patrons appreciate the convenience of paperless passes, they still crave a keepsake souvenir. NFT commemorative tickets fill this void and become a virtual collectible. These assets create lasting memories and give fans plenty of bragging rights.

NFT commemorative tickets are popular at these events:

  • Professional sporting events
  • College athletics
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Performing arts
  • And many more!

 Here’s how virtual commemorative tickets will help your venue win:

  1. Create One-of-a-Kind Experiences for Fans

VIP patrons deserve the very best. They support your organization season after season. It only makes sense to find a unique way to give back to them. NFT tickets let you do just that.

Whenever a patron purchases a virtual commemorative ticket, they gain ownership over the included non-fungible token. This is where the fun begins. Organizations can customize the digital asset however they want—the sky is the limit! Here are some interactive experiences to consider:

  • Immerse patrons with stunning visuals designed by a celebrity, MVP player, or sponsoring brand.
  • Hide extra-rare “golden tickets” for randomly selected fans.
  • Design an online scavenger hunt for VIPs to see who can collect the most virtual tickets.
  1. Provide Post-Event Revenue Opportunities

With NFT commemorative tickets, revenues don’t have to stop after the final game. Post-event money-making opportunities are truly endless. Consider these profitable concepts:

  • Sell commemorative NFTs after the event to loyal patrons.
  • Let collectors purchase unsold virtual tickets from past events.
  • Offered limited-time merchandise to NFT ticket holders.

Venues can also earn part of the profits whenever fans resell their virtual tickets. Even if the owner decides to resell it years later, your organization will receive a percentage. The blockchain tracks ownership, while programmed NFT codes designate rules for royalty splits and profit-sharing. Take advantage of ongoing downstream revenue from third-party sellers.

  1. Raise Funds for a Cause or Mission

Does your organization support a specific cause or charity? Fundraising is easy with commemorative digital tickets. Collaborate with a nonprofit to increase sales. More fans will buy an NFT if they know a portion of the cost will benefit a worthy organization.

Try these ideas to raise the most money:

  • Feature digital art of well-known influencers who support the chosen cause.
  • Sell tickets with digital ribbons to help fund research.
  • Feature real-life photos to depict the charity’s mission.
  • Auction rare NFTs and donate the proceeds.

Supporting a trusted charity sells more seats and increases attendance. And since limited edition NFTs are collectible souvenirs, some patrons will still purchase them even if they can’t attend the event.

  1. Celebrate Once-in-a-Lifetime Events

The Super Bowl only happens once a year, and fans willingly pay a small fortune to take home a keepsake from the game. Attending milestone events is a big deal. Owning a rare, one-of-a-kind collectible asset gives VIPs something to show off to their friends. Sell NFTs to celebrate these significant events:

  • Playoff and championship games
  • Venue anniversaries
  • Player retirements
  • Season openings

Why did a vintage Honus Wagner baseball card sell for $6.6M? Limited production made it an extremely rare find. Much like baseball cards, some commemorative NFTs are harder to locate than others. The fewer sold, the more collectible they become. Patrons purchase digital souvenir tickets for milestone events to own a coveted piece of history.

  1. Prevent Ticket Counterfeiting and Scammers

Counterfeit tickets are a huge concern at events. Scammers go to great lengths to duplicate printed passes. Organizers are always on the lookout for fake tickets, and many venues hire additional staff to check credentials at the gate.

Scammers can’t replicate NFTs. Both fans and venues can verify the authenticity of a digital ticket on the blockchain. The ledger logs the asset every time it transfers ownership, helping to prevent fraud and increase patron trust.

  1. Boost Brand Awareness

Virtual tickets not only let patrons gain admission, but they also serve as a marketing tool. Every time fans access their commemorative NFT, they will think fondly of your brand. Visually appealing and interactive assets will help build the most traction. Here’s how you can use non-fungible tokens to increase brand awareness and engagement:

  • Create digital versions of popular physical products.
  • Feature highlights of your organization’s history through collectible images, videos, or audio files.
  • Partner with an up-and-coming NFT artist to design branded digital assets.

Explore the Blockchain with Commemorative Tickets and WW&L

The future of ticketing is on the blockchain, and non-fungible tokens are just the beginning. Virtual commemorative tickets from Weldon, Williams & Lick stir up fan excitement all season long. Alongside our technology partner, Project Admission, we can help you design and sell innovative visual assets. An NFT can become anything you desire—your loyal patrons will want to collect them all!

Ready to leap into blockchain ticketing technology? Contact WW&L to start designing digital commemorative tickets for your venue.