Direct Fulfillment


DirectfulfillmenT® of Gift Cards with Magnetic Encoding, Roll Tickets, Coupons, Discount Certificates, Parking Permits including Hangtags and Decals and other control items allows you to ship directly to your patrons from our facility. The transaction is handled in your system with your rules. Using a secure scheduled bulk transfer from your system to ours, DirectfulfillmenT® will free up your staff and save you time and frustration. In addition,WW&L’s DirectfulfillmenT® service gives you tracking information on packages, inventory levels and information feedback into your systems for better client/guest service.

If you need a solution not available in your current system, DirectService® will let your web page link to a custom page for your products based off your web page style. Your customer can order and receive your product direct from this page, keeping your name on all contacts. All transactions are reported via our Online Access database and are available in several customizable, user friendly formats. This service provides instant access to your online order history, including confirmation numbers, detailed tracking information and revenue breakdowns.