UHF Access Control

What is UHF technology?

UHF (Ultra-high frequency) RFID tags are considered the “supply chain frequency” of RFID technology because these tags are generally lower priced than other types, while providing excellent read ranges and rates. Common applications include item level tracking, retail inventory control and driving supply chain efficiencies.

UHF is primarily used in long-range access control scenarios for security, speed, tracking and data collection applications. Read ranges are typically 2ft – 20ft, based on the unique needs of an application, for tracking and access control.

How is UHF used in Access Control?

UHF tags placed in a card, credential or hangtag can be used for access control for people or vehicles. Cardholders can remain in the safety of their vehicle while their tags are automatically and quickly authenticated or denied by the UHF system anywhere from 2ft, up to 20ft away.

The crendential or card holding the UHF tag becomes the touchless access medium for the venue. Event goers do not have to stand in long lines, waiting to present a mobile phone or have a ticket scanned. Instead, the RFID readers will scan each tag as it crosses an intelligence point and alert a staff member of the tag that has entered or exited a point.

How is UHF used for Crowd Tracking & Control

The long read ranges of UHF technology lends itself to crowd tracking and control very easily. The RFID system that powers the readers collects the information on tags coming into and out of intelligence points in your venue and collects that information in the system. This can be extremely helpful in situations where it is important to prevent large groups from congregating or limit the number of people in a certain area.

What Types of Products does WW&L have for UHF tags?

Depending on the application, we suggest using a card or credential for access control and crowd tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions about NFC Technology

What is the difference between NFC and UHF?
What are the advantages of a UHF Access Control System?

NFC has a short read range of a few inches to a tap on the reader device. UHF allows for more distance – from 2ft to 20ft between the reader and the tag.

  • Speed & Authenticity
  • Alerts for Bottlenecks in Lines
  • Track Exit Scans with timestamp data
  • Detects Fraud
  • Reduced Personnel Capabilities – less workers in more lines
  • Authentication is as easy as verifying a photo to a face
Can I use my UHF product for stored value?
What are common uses for UHF?

With a dual technology (NFC & UHF) you can have both the long-range readability and a tap and go system. When both technologies are used together you get the ultimate RFID access control system.

UHF creates a truly contactless solution forĀ 

  • Access Control
  • Patron Engagement
  • Merchandise Tracking
  • Venue Intelligence