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Enjoy Rapid Ticket Production and Fulfillment with WePOD®

Every organization has its own unique ticketing needs and challenges. Save time and resources using WePOD, a print on demand service that provides a scalable ticket production and fulfillment solution.

The ticketing industry changes each season because audience attendance varies at every game or show. Organizations can’t always predict how many tickets they’ll sell, and patrons want a quick, reliable way to receive them. In addition, venues add special events that are usually not part of the standard season ticket package. Instead of printing and mailing 500,000 thermal tickets and worrying about resources or timeline, why not let Weldon, Williams and Lick handle it for you? WePOD is our flexible and rapid admission ticket solution.

Top 6 Benefits of WePOD

  • Time and energy savings. Print on demand alleviates the box office staffing required for daily printing and fulfillment of tickets.
  • Scalable ticketing solution. Grow your operation without worrying about the cost of fixed overhead.
  • Environmentally-friendly solution. On-demand printing means we only produce the tickets you sell. It eliminates wasted ticket stock.
  • Fully recyclable material. We use 10pt. premium paper stock that patrons can recycle after use.
  • Revenue generation. Include up to two advertising or sponsorship inserts to offset service costs.
  • Enhances the patron experience. Attendees receive a high-end admission ticket to keep as a souvenir.

There’s still a particular sector of attendees willing to pay more to hold a tangible paper ticket in their hands. Print on demand is a solution for patrons who want physical tickets. WePOD also reduces overhead on your end and eliminates stress since our team will handle the entire print and fulfillment process.


What Is Print on Demand?

Organizations with full calendars using multiple venues or multiple showtimes in the same day typically find it difficult to print and mail tickets to patrons because of the constant influx of orders to the box office. Print on demand, coined WePOD, is WW&L’s alternative to in-house ticket fulfillment.

Instead of keeping track of tickets as they arrive, we do it all for you. Ongoing data feeds inform us whenever a patron places an order. We print the requested tickets from scratch and put them in the mail. Our fully printed digital tickets ship directly to your patrons. Why not give your Boca printer a break and enjoy a high-quality ticketing solution from us instead?

Here’s how WePOD works:

  • Work with an onboarding specialist. We’ll create a personalized ticketing package to meet your patrons’ needs.
  • Connect your ticket platform. WePOD integrates with any ticketing service provider.
  • Sell tickets. WW&L receives, prints, and fulfills all ticket requests.

Instead of managing the box office, shift your focus to more pressing matters, such as improving your customer experience or growing your audience. Print on demand allows for ongoing ticket sales to rush in without any overwhelm to your box office staff. WW&L will print and fulfill in a rapid manner.

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Personalized Team Approach

Although our print on demand service happens behind the scenes, WW&L still promises first-class treatment. We take a team approach to everything we do. As our customer, you will always have a point of contact to call with any questions or concerns.

A dedicated onboarding specialist will work with you to implement our ticket service provider integration and guide you through the process. If you want to purchase additional products or services from WW&L, an individual account manager or sales team will lead the way. We never let our clients navigate the complexities of custom ticket printing alone.

Standard Features

  • Uniform packages include two four-panel ticket sheets, two marketing inserts, an invoice, and an envelope.
  • Produced on 10pt. premium ticket stock
  • Custom artwork
  • First-class mailing with USPS
  • Printed in a professional, highly secure facility
  • Shipped directly to your patrons
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A Complement to Digital Ticketing

There’s no denying that digital ticketing is becoming more popular, but not every patron wants to go digital. Some still prefer the feeling of a physical ticket. Instead of a single ticketing option, WW&L has a wide range of services to extend your brand and elevate the customer experience.

WePOD satisfies guests who ask for tangible tickets. Our printing professionals print tickets as orders are received. There’s no lag time because it works with any ticket service provider without extra software or equipment. We provide a consistent ticket delivery method, and you don’t have to hire any additional staff to make it happen.

Our client relationships continue to grow at WW&L.

On-Demand Service from Trusted Printing Professionals

Event ticket printing is a time-consuming task for your box office staff. Trying to print and mail tickets for multiple events and venues can feel overwhelming. WW&L streamlines the process for you with print on demand tickets and fulfillment services. With over 120 years of printing industry experience, you can count on us for friendly service, quality products, and fast delivery.

Struggling to print and send tickets on time? Connect with us to learn how WePOD will save your organization time, money, and energy.

Looking for a reliable and consistent ticket delivery method?