Temporary Parking Permits

4 Size Options:
Vertical: 2.75 x 4.75
Short Vertical: 2.75 x 2.875
Long Vertical: 2.75 x 5+
Horizontal: 2.125 x 4.75
3 Stock Options:
: durable under adverse conditions and is typically harder to tear than standard tag or index papers, even when wet. Weathertuf handles and prints like standard tag paper. Both sides are printable.  The wire side is smoother and better suited for printing color graphics, barcodes, 2D codes or other optical scanning applications.  Weathertuf is ideal for lumber tags, hunting and fishing licenses, ski lift tickets, baggage tags, outdoor signs, shipping labels, parking permits and other such applications, which require a paper that remains tear-resistant even when wet.
Available in Red, Lt. Green, Dk. Green, Orange, Lilac, Tan, Lt. Blue, Yellow, Dk. Blue, White
100lb Tag
: “Tag” or “Index” papers are ideal for file cards and index systems suitable for direct mail, table tents and signs.  A smooth, hard finish that offers excellent printability, whether you use ink or toner.

Available in White, Blue, Buff, Canary, Cherry, Gray, Green, Ivory and Salmon

Astrobright: is a 60 # Text that has an extremely smooth finish. The water soluable dye colorant is on both sides of the stock. The color must be consistently uniform on each product and from one order to the next. The caliper of this stock is .0048” thick.

Available in: Stardust White, Sunburst Yellow, Galaxy Gold, Gamma Green, Celestial Blue, Lunar Blue, Planetary Purple, Sonar Yellow, Gemini Green, Cosmic Orange, Terra Green, Lift-Off Lemon, Fireball Fuchsia, Starfire Pink, Venus Violet