Permit Plus

PermitPlus Hangtags are a two-for-one product. A traditional Triplex Hangtag with a detachable card at the bottom. The card can be a gift card, coupon card, or gate access card, the choice is yours.
PermitPlus is constructed with the same material as the Triplex Hangtag. The center layer is a singly ply 14mil synthetic material. The center is protected by a 10mil lamination both front and back with an aggressive adhesive. Digital print combined with the heavy lamination can produce dramatic graphics that will last a full year.
·        Overall Size: 3.375” x 7.875”
o  Hangtag Size: 3.375” x 5.75”
o  Card Size: 3.375” x 2.125”
·        14mil Synthetic Material Between Two 10mil Layers of Lamination
·        Heat and Cold Resistant
·        Full Color Digital Printing
·        1/8” White Border
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Security Features:
Prevent counterfeiting by incorporating our security features into your permit design.
·        Security Foil
o  Choose from one of our many varieties of foils for an added layer of counterfeit protection.
o  Add a foil logo, security strip, number box, or sequential foil permit number
·        Vari-Sheen
o  Add a Vari-Sheen pattern or seal for a translucent security effect.
·        Microprint Copy
o  A line of copy virtually undetectable to the eye, and very difficult to reproduce by photocopy.
·        Consecutive Control Numbers and Alpha Prefixes
o  Include a control number and alpha prefix on each permit to easily identify fake permits.
·        Two-in-One Product for added value
·        Custom Designed for Your Specifications
·        Durable Material for Year Long Use
·        Easily Identified for Recognition
·        Added Security Features to Reduce Counterfeiting