Hangtuf Hangtags are WW&L’s original stock hangtags. These durable, sunlight resistant, polypropylene hangtags are great for long term parking allocation. These hangtags will exhibit no color change and will develop minimal curl in direct sunlight, guaranteed up to one year. This permit is designed for frequent transfers and will last through extremes of heat and cold with guaranteed legibility for one year.

Hangtuf Hangtags can be used for many types of operations including:

  • University Parking
  • Municipal Parking
  • Airport Parking
  • Employee Parking
  • Hospital and Medical Center Parking
  • Hotel and Hospitality Parking


  • 0.022 Filled Polypropylene
  • Heat and Cold Resistant
  • 2 Standard Sizes:
    • Vertical 2.75” x 4.75″
    • Horizontal 2.125” x 4.6875”
  • 14 Fade Resistant Sunfast Ink Colors
  • 16 Standard Designs
  • Graphic Design Services for Custom Designs

Protect your permits from counterfeiting by using one or a combination of our security features.

  • Security Foil Stamping: Choose from one of our many varieties of foils for an added layer of counterfeit protection. Add a foil logo, security strip, number box, or even sequential foil permit numbers.
  • Vari-Sheen: Add a Vari-Sheen pattern or seal to your permit for a translucent security effect.
  • Microprint Copy: A line of copy virtually undetectable to the eye and very difficult to reproduce by photocopy.
  • Consecutive Control Numbers & Alpha Prefixes: A consecutive control number and/or letter is always printed on each ticket with as many characters needed. In addition, we guarantee no missing or duplicate numbers or letters on every order.


  • Easily Identified for Recognition
  • Weather Resistance is Perfect for Long-term Use
  • Multiple Design Options Allows for Lot Differentiation
  • Added Security Features Reduce Counterfeiting