Permit Direct


With PermitDirect® by Weldon, Williams & Lick and T2 Systems you can sell parking permits on-line and eliminate the hassle of sending them out.
This permit fulfillment service is integrated into your T2 Systems Flex parking management software. You’ll have confidence that the sale of permits on-line will follow your business rules, plus you can track every step of the process. This all happens from your parking website. Your customers aren’t sent to someone else’s on-line store.

WW&L takes care of fulfilling permit requests, which reduces your on-site permit inventory. Also, inventory and shipping records can be part of your T2 Flex system for better patron service. You can free your staff from folding paper and stuffing envelopes and focus their energy on more important tasks.
With PermitDirect®, you’ll not only save time and effort, but realize increased financial savings and additional revenue opportunities. You can offset all or part of your permit program expenses by adding a shipping and handling fee to the permit price. If implementing a fully integrated T2 Flex solution isn’t for you then try WW&L’s DirectfulfillmenT®.