Do long lines, longer work hours and aggravated customers turn your parking permits sales into a huge headache?


How does your permit sales process affect your customer service reputation?

With PermitDirect®, from Weldon, Williams & Lick (WW&L) and T2 Systems, you can make permit sales stress-free for you and your customers. PermitDirect® is an easy permit sales and fulfillment solution that helps streamline the permit sales process – no more lines and no more long hours, but many happy customers!


With PermitDirect® you can sell parking permits online and eliminate the hassle and risk associated with handling andfulfi lling permits yourself. This no-hassle permit fulfi llment service is integrated into your T2 Flex™ parking management system. It allows your customers to purchase permits from your organization’s parking website – they aren’t sent to someone else’s online store. This enables you to follow your business rules and track every step of the process.


With PermitDirect®, you’ll not only save time and effort, but you’ll realize increased financial savings and additional revenue opportunities. WW&L takes care of fulfi lling permit requests, reducing your on-site permit inventory. You can free your staff from folding paper and stuffi ng envelopes and focus their energy on more important tasks. In addition, you can offset all or part of your permit program expenses by adding a shipping and handling fee to the permit price.




You can eliminate those long lines by offering an online sales solution. Here’s how:

• Your customers go to your parking website and purchase a permit. Purchase information is immediately sent to your parking management system and to fulfillment.

• The correct permit and up to three other pieces of literature (like regulations or a campus map – it’s your choice) are sent to the customer. You or your customers have the option of shipping the permit by US Mail, FedEx or UPS.

• Your parking management system is updated with shipping info. You can choose to send your customer an e-mail notification that the permit has been shipped. You also have the option of requiring your customers to activate the permit online after they receive it.



PermitDirect® is secure and provides you with a complete audit trail, and it keeps you in control of the process while eliminating the in-office manpower needed for purchasing and fulfillment. You also have the convenience of being able to access PermitDirect® reports anytime from the T2 customer website.