WW&L's Customer Order Process

Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. web to print solution is an easy to use web application for creating, designing, and making roll tickets, folded tickets, bookstrip tickets, custom event tickets, all purpose hang tags, and durable stickers for various events. Create just a few or a few thousand tickets easily in just two or three minutes. Print now or save the file to print later.

Our Commitment to a Quick Turn Around & Best in Class Quality

Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. web to print solution allows you to quickly and easily create roll tickets, fold tickets, bookstrip tickets, custom event tickets, hang tags and durable stickers in just a few easy guided steps.


Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. offers several comprehensive services that are convenient and time saving. With WW&L handling all the details of your security printing project from design through distribution, your staff will have the freedom to focus on your patron.

Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. offers several smart, simple solutions such as web-to-print admission tickets, parking permits, hangtags & more!

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FAQ's on Our Order Process

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How much do your online ticket templates cost?
A: Online templates that are used for design are free of charge. Any other design requirement can be done by WW&L for an additional charge.
Q: What is shipping cost?
A: Shipping cost vary based on size of order and product that is ordered. Shipping costs will be calculated at time of checkout.
Q: How long does it take to get my tickets?
A: Ticket lead time varies based on product ordered and upgrades that are chosen.
Q: Can I add my own logo to an online ticket template?
A: Any logo can be uploaded and sized to be used on certain online ticket orders.
Q: Can I add, move, or remove a line of text on my online template order?
A: Our comprehensive template gallery offers a wide variety of text and tickets layouts.
Q: How big is my ticket going to be?
A: Size of the tickets varies with the product that was ordered. Each product will have the "actual" dimensions listed on the template.
Q: What if somebody uses WWL to duplicate my ticket?
A: WW&L is a security printing company. If at any point we suspect your ticket job is being duplicated a WW&L representative will contact you immediately to confirm who placed the order.
Q: If I liked my last order, can I make a few changes and reorder the same tickets?
A: Yes. You can log into your account and view your last order and make any changes necessary for your new order.
Q: Can I put a barcode on my ticket?
A: Barcodes can be added to tickets in symbologies of Code 39, Code 128, and Interleave 2 of 5.
Q: Is the barcode scannable? Do you provide scanners?
A: Barcodes are scannable and will read the number that is provided to WW&L to put on the tickets. WW&L does not provide scanners.
Q: Can I get a physical proof?
A: You can not get a physical proof using our online ticket builder. If you desire a physical proof your best course of action is to contact us.
Q: What If I made a mistake?
A: Contact WW&L immediately upon realization of mistake that is made. If tickets have not been produced, we will be happy to assist you in changes needed. WW&L is not responsible for misspellings or other mistakes that are produced from online submissions.
Q: What If I am not happy with my order?
A: Contact WW&L and a representative will be happy to assist you.
Q: How many characters am I allowed on each line of the template?
A: Number of characters for each line will vary with the font style and font size that is chosen.
Q: Can I order my online template over the phone?
A: Yes, a WW&L representative would be happy to assist you in any way over the phone.
Q: Which paper type is better, smooth finish or semi-gloss finish? What's the difference?
A: Tickets produced by WW&L are produced on a 10 point, semi-gloss card stock that we have found to be best for tickets. If another stock is desired for your tickets, please contact WW&L directly and we will be happy to assist you.
Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: Your order will ship in 3-5 working days from submission of order. If extra time is needed to produce your order, you will be contacted by a WW&L representative.
Q: Should I design my file in CMYK or RGB?
A: CMYK would be preferred and produce a better output.
Q: Can I upload a dataset / excel file to create my online tickets?
A: Yes. You can upload a well formatted Microsoft excel sheet to dynamically populate your online order
Q: What is the maximum dataset / excel file size that I can upload?
A: We recommend that you contact us directly if you plan on printing 40,000 or more dynamic tickets.
Q: What version of Microsoft Excel should I use ?
A: We recommend using Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer. Other older versions of Microsoft Excel may not work.